Easy to produce branded clothing

Just thought I’d add my thoughts about clothing, I know that LB has it’s own clothing range but there is a company that can produce clothing on demand, online.


I also run a forum and have problems supplying branded clothing, I ordered up a load of embroidered stuff for our members but it cost a fortune, certain products sold out before others and other less popular items are still sat in my shed!!

Spreadshirt lets you design your own shirts and stuff and members can buy it on demand.

Might be worth one of the mods creating a St Georges tee shirt that we could wear over our leathers?

Let me know your thoughts on this?


The concepts a good one Wig, would it be cost effective to have some done for The St Georges Day Ride ? Thinking about the end result…it would be a good thing to have the shirts matching on the day …try posting this on the actual ride thread…see what they say.

I have a shop setup for my forums, the cheapest shirt you can with no profit is about £8, bargain.

I’d wear it after the event as well

Yeah if its a good one…post in the thread…I,ll go with it mate.