Easy like sunday morning -- NOT

I dont know if anyone else had the misfortune to be anywhere near SE1 this morning but those utter muppets at TFL have turned it in to a car park full of frustrated and very clueless Sunday drivers (not a good combo, U-turning cars all over the place).

It seems that someone thought it was OK to close the Rotherhithe Tunnel, Tower Bridge & Southwark Bridge on the same day! The net result being utter chaos… I was going to go up to Oxford but in the end I gave and went home… it was either that or risk twatting someone.

sounds like your day has been as bad as mine :w00t::w00t:

still hopefully will get better when I get some folding in my hands :slight_smile:

oooh pipes, leathers or holiday decisions :slight_smile:

Just been for a wander down Borough high steet… utter chaos!!!:w00t:

Roll on the olympics!!! :crazy:

Got stuck in Mare St, 'ackney, at the junc of Morning Lane for half an hour for the passage of a military parade complete with silver band. When I got into Kent and Sussex, hardly anyone around - probably because every bastid was stuck in the traffic in London and couldn’t get out!

Am only down road, se16 and didnt notice a thing, prob cos had massive hangover and still aint been out door, lol.

Ah, so that’s why the traffic was so bad… though I quite like playing the ‘beat the scooter to the front of the traffic’ game, especially when I cheat and use my 1ft ground clearance :smiley: