Easter Sunday

Any rideouts planned for Easter Sunday?

How about a meet at Box Hill for Breakfast and then a ride down to Brighton?

That’s original :P;):hehe:

Meet at Boxhill, have you eaten breakfast there??? Perhaps breakfast on the way to Brighton? Cowfold does a decent one!!

Yep, fair point, I should have suggested somewhere really obscure that no one can find their way to, or how to get anywhere from there!

The OP is new to this forum and from West Sussex, so thought something obvious and easy would be best.

As for the breakfast at Box, god no, I’d always eat before leaving the house, but if someone wants to grab some food that’s their choice.

But no, you’re right, so to be original, how about we meet at Loch Ness and then ride to Norway via San Francisco, we can have breakfast by the sea…

Take no notice of him mate, he’s getting old, we’ll have to start calling him grumpy Mo me thinks:D

That sounds more like it, we’re considering it now:D

I see your breaking me in easy - not!! Norway is beautiful, breakfast by the sea, wonderful! I will apply wings to bike for the occasion! OK, Box hill it is, time? Am guessing if it decides to rain the ride is off?:slight_smile:

Put me down for it Chris:)

Ok, meet at Boxhill for 10? We could do breakfast or ride the Sussex lanes and have brunch down on the seafront?

Would you mind looking out for me, female in black leathers, GSXR600, thanks!!!

Welcome to the forum, ignore these wankers. Have a look in the rideouts section :slight_smile:

Karleigh this is the rideout section ??..lol

is there a plan yet ? happy to meet boxhill and head south - ignoring all wankers and waving at all females in leathers on a black gixxer - :slight_smile: I prefer newlands corner as bacon butty up there is nice for breakie before heading off and easier to meet people than busy bohill:P

Realy? Can i comment? Oh please tell me its aloud… Pretty please :smiley:

Ha ha :stuck_out_tongue: … WOMEN :Whistling:

Im in if we could go via Sennelager, Germany aswell as i could do with picking up my skydiving logbook that i left at camp. Could do with it for my holiday in Spain

come on guys, she’s probably multitasking :smiley: :slight_smile:

Not been to Newlands in years, is it still going strong?

Well i dont know what she gets upto whilst on LB but hey, each to there own :w00t:

not been to Sennelager since excercise CRUSADER 1980…yup Im an old git :smiley: