East Londoner finally introducing himself

Hi all,

Just finally introducing myself after lurking about here for a while, signing up then forgetting all about it. Been riding for four years and currently my weapon of choice is an R6!

Hi chap. :slight_smile:

Hey bud and welcome back! :slight_smile:

welcome mate. :slight_smile: why are you unlucky?

welcome :slight_smile:

Not THAT unlucky, just a name. Though I did just get hit up from HMRC for £936 being underpaid, on from £350 last year. I have two jobs and both are PAYE, so what the craic there?!

Hi and welcome :smiley:

Welcome mate. I’m in East London too. Hope to catch you on some ride-outs.

ello mate!

welcome :slight_smile:

alright fella from a fellow eastender thats hows now escaped to the burbs still get into e3 an 14 on a regular to see the family an pals catch you about :).