East London

Im just wondering is there anyone round east london way , I been looking on other bike forums and finding it hard to find ppl local to me.

post up your full address to see if your near any of us:D;)

i’m in the butt hole of london that is hackney:hehe:

I don’t want to say my full postcode for obvious reasons but starts as IG5 , I live 20 mins from Romford as thats where most people would know.

dont worry dude your safe your end of the woods:D

your on the door step of the world famous

:cool: breakfast club run:cool:

Ig6 Is Hainault (cos thats where i was dragged up from) so you gotta to be on the door step of City limits collier row :smiley: So…get down there at 8.30 Sunday morning and you might just meet a few breakfast seeking bikers :smiley:

Thanks for the invite I know where that is , unfortunatly I can’t make it this weekend as I’ve got paintballing tomorrow , but if you lot are around nx weekend let me know.