Hi guys

I was making my way from Queen Elizabeth Hospital on my shoddy Siamoto 150cc (yeah baby!!) when I bumped into R-ocket-1. We shared the ferry back across the river.

While we were taking i got him to sign up to LB which he had done. he is new to the forum and I was thinking can all the east london riders get together some time so new riders can get to know each other (as well as older members).

If you are interested leave a PM or reply to this thread and we will sort something out.

Keep Safe and Ride Safer.


Surely if you are in East London you are a stones throw away from Borough Market and our regular weekly meet held there every Wednesday evening:)

id definatly be up for that as a younger member. i live in hackney, wherr abotus is this borough market then.

SE london…london bridge…enemy territory for us! lol i go reularly in summer, follow me down there dude…

hey man,

i live in dagenham and work in wembley park just round the corner from the ace…
i am always around leytonstone/walthamstow for a ride out/meet sometime, would be a great idea if all east london bikers got together sometime…i’m in…

by the way anyone going to the borough next week so as i can tag along? i’ve never been to a london bikers meet and am looking forward to making new friends and talking bikes?

I’ll prob be going BMM next week and i’m only round the corner in Romford. More than welcome to join me on the ride there.:slight_smile:

Can’t believe your that close… i’m just down the road to you…chigwell, might have to meet you one day before hand… not until my finger is healed fully though:D:P

do you commute down lea bridge road?

i think i’ve seen you?

defo should get all the East Londoners togather at some point! Cockney Massive!:smiley:

occassionally i do as my mum lives down that way.
what bike do you ride? and where abouts are you?

are you going to excel next week? maybe us east london riders can meet up and go together?

Depending on when, I could wellvbe up for an E# ride out

i shall do indeed in summe, atleast it aitn a normal hairdryer and i got better chance of keeping up, or should i say you keep up haha only joking

hahahaha mate i love your scoot! tis trick as f@ck:w00t:

i think most people would struggle to keep up, in town…the scoot is king! hence i want another one!:smiley:

ah i see!

i ride a blue SV100S K3, you will know if its me cos i have a Rat on the back of my RATsack:D

im in east, w’stow way.

i am going but by train i think, as i need to get a few bits n bobs! may take a cargo net tho!:smiley:

i still got that speed fighter 2 for sale rus;)

when we have a lil meet up we gonan keep it ‘proper’ east!?

or do we have to have essex tagging along…BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:D:P

i know mate, been thinking about that one;) wait till i know whats going on with work:)

Oi …i resent that comment Ratty luvvie:angry:


i think i have may have passed you a few times as i recall seeing a rat on the back on me travels…
i’m going on the saturday i think maybe sunday not sure yet though for defo…

you going to bmm on weds?

do ya? thats a shame cos last time i checked east london was east london…not essex!! BUT for you waspy i make an exception…comment wasnt aimed at you;)

No worries, I’m always up for a small ride out Sat or Sundays. Parents live in Latchingdon so Burnhams always a winner for me! :slight_smile: