East London Meet Up for St Georges Run

Ok - on a very good point from Flatout, anyone in east london going on the St georges run want to meet up that morning?

Please note the sticky in the Ride Outs section relating to road closures in the East due to Matt’s (Mini Mo) bringing the entire London’s traffic to a standstill (he’s running the London Marathon, silly boy!).


well im in walthamstow

Me. Leaving from Surrey Quays/Rotherhithe. Where do you suggest we meet?

A13 - North circ?

Ah shite. Would love to join you fellas (being an East London boyeeee and owning an Arai in St.George’s colours) but I’m working a nightshift over the weekend. Will try to swap as it’d be great to meet everyone.

Have fun, people.

Ok so, lets hear some more suggestions on where to meet. Many river crossings will be open (London Bridge, Waterloo, Westminster, Southward bridge, Rotherhithe tunner) and most of the southward, Bermondsey, deptford will be open (with exception of Jamaica Road). However the embankment is out of the question, and I am not sure if we can cross Upper/lower thames street. So the way I see it is either go from the Blackwall tunnel and go north or go west and cross from Labmeth road then victoria, buckingham palace etc.

What do you people think?

what about meeting in Waterloo (i.e. Cubana cafe) early in the morning and going from there?

i am still a learner - so no m’s for me I am afraid…

i am quite happy to meet up at either point - but i dont think Cubana is going to be good…

weaver, i dont mind meeting up with you a10 is defo easier…

Steve/Vuskinato - i am in the wharf - so do you want to meet up at the Macdonalds off the roundabout as you go into the wharf.

(Mr flatout - thanks for the bump mate!)

weaver sounds good m8. I am happy with that - waht time do you want to hook up?

Ok fine. Lets meet there. By the way which roundabout is that? The one with the traffic-light tree?

What time?

The name is Vaskunito

ok, im up for this, we meet again weaver!

(im assuming theres only one weaver?)

maybe i shud get sum numbers incase i get lost again…

dont wan to have to lap roundabouts again!

There is only one annoying jumping dragon I can assure you.

Ok, I have no idea where the A10 is
Any chance I could meet someone in East London (like Canary Wharf for example) and then go together to the Tesco on the A10?

Look guys thats too much info for me. I will get lost for sure.
I am really awful when it comes to following directions. Can I meet someone in Canary Wharf pleassssssssse?

The macds is by the roundabout at the barclays building… so the east of canary wharf…

otherwise, we could meet up by the one with the funny traffic lights - up to you… i have to go past that to get to the other… i’ll pm you my number in any case

You have assumed correctly.

Ok I know I suck at directions/navigation but at least I admit it. In my defence I have been riding for a couple of weeks now never before having driven a car or riden a bike. So I am getting there, slowly but surely I am finding my way around London.

i was thinking of doing the south circ from catford to the ace…would be about an hours ride or so,but at that time in the morning,i guess there would be no traffic atall…plus it makes perfect sence to go 205 to 406…threw clappem jnk ect…ect…if town is closed…

whad ya think?

hey val…im a new rider too with shite direction application so we’d be a right pair…lol


oops i ment Vas (Vaskunito)…

now now weaver - have you ever met a guy who has a sense of direction??? (just joking!)

Vas i was going to take the a12, 406 and then a 10… although a13 is good too…

i cant go on the motorway though… if we have to meet weaver at 8.30 shall we say 7.00 at the tree? i cant believe i am gonna be up that early - man there had better be a big cup of tea waiting for me…

weaver I am not sure how far the tescos is = do i just carry on str up the a10??? is 1.30 hrs enough - about 35 mins to a10 enfield…