Easiest tenner you will ever make(more if your lucky)

Get this while it’s hot, because I’d imagine the site will stop it soon:

This works because 2 offers come together a £20 sign up bonus to play and a deal where if you spend £30 on bingo you get £20 which is withdrawable… So once this £20 is earnt you effectively get £10 profit

Firstly, you’ll need to have the initial £10 to deposit. (don’t let this put you off, read below first)
1.)Sign up to www.jackpotjoy.com
2.)Fill in all the detail and put down a referrer - ‘ljsg00’ would be kind (this is necessary for the deal)
3.)My username is ljsg00 , it would be highly appreciated if some of you could put this down. Yes I benefit , but it does not affect you in any negative way. A win-win situation.
4.)Finish your sign up
5.)Deposit £10 and accept the bonus
6.)You’ll be given £30 in total to play with- You must use ALL of the £30 playing bingo . IT HAS TO BE BINGO. BINGO. BINGO. Anything else wont work (I recommend bejewelled bingo max tickets every time, you may win here my friend won £90 but this is not how you get guaranteed money)
7.)Once you have used your £10+ £20 bonus (£30) you’ll then be given another £20 which you can withdraw!
8.)The £20 is entirely withdrawable! This means 20-10= £10 PROFIT
9.)Easiest tenner you will ever make!!

I myself tested it and it has worked

If your lucky enough you may even win more on the bingo


Or you could just go to work for 30mins - 1 hr. It will probably be quicker than all that.

fucking bargain count me in

Send me £15 and I’ll do it for you.


owell, that’ll be that then lol

BINGO ??? Take it to single mothers and toddlers forum .

were you being serious?? :hehe:

i get better offers than that everyday… from my nigerian friends :hehe: