Easiest / Fastest way from SW17 to M11?

Hi, what’s generally the easiest / fastest way to get from SW17 to the M11 at around 7am on Saturday? Should I go via Tower Bridge or M25? Thanks! Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I don’t do this route! 

Should be still quiet that time of the day on Saturday. I will go through City. 

Leadenhall, A11 and then A12?? I know how to get to Leadenhall quite easily.

Through city at that time is okay.  Just go for it. 

Leadenhall, A11 and then A12? ShaunC

My Route Through London


Just follow the A12 to the M11

Pick up the A13 wherever you will and from there the A406 is the most direct route to the M11 all day long.

Ride safe and watch out for the speed safety cameras

Because it’s quiet means that there can often be road closures/work going on at the weekend, so check out TFL, BBC, AA etc websites beforehand. I once spent 2 hours barely moving in a heavy traffic jam at 2am on a Saturday morning coming back from picking the GF up from Stansted in the car. The Blackwall tunnel & Limehouse link had both been shut for roadwarks.

Thanks so much for all your input.  I need to be at a place by a certain time so will take note of Pat’s comment!

I think I’ll do the Rotherhithe Tunnel as per Wise’s recommendation.  According to TFL, there are works on the A13 at the moment - anyone been through there and how badly affected the A13 is??


I use the A12 as it tends to be less hassle
There is no difference in the amount of time it takes to get to the M11 either way

If I leave work at 5pm I can be joining the M11 40 mins later 

Thanks Wise - so over Tower Bridge (sorry I thought your route was the Rotherhithe Tunnel when I first looked it up), Limehouse link and then A12?



Either there just as bad as one another

My commute to work was j8 m11 to Wimbledon. I went m11>a406>a13> tower bridge. Was the easiest route ever… Albeit slightly boring…

So you could do >tower bridge>a13>a406>m11

That (A13, A406 and M11) would be plan A

Thanks - did the Rotherhithe tunnel (for the first time ever… Nice enough Road but probably not tourist worthy), A13, A406 and M11. It was brilliant on the way there but on the way back at around 4pm, the A406 got closed down to 1 lane. Still can’t complain on the bike since I could filter through. Really appreciate all your input!

Its down to luck either way as anything can happen with traffic
Myself and Ian ( I run out of diesel). Willyinsomeone do both routes every day and both have the same option on it