Earphones for use on a motorbike

What do you use? I want them to use with my MP3 player when traveling on business to reduce boredom and speeding. Please note I don’t intend using it in London!

Would noise cancelling earphones be a bad idea?


I use sennheiser C300’s which you can get on Amazon pretty cheap.

They fit in your ear canal but don’t cut out all the noise but I do keep the music volume very low anyway. Fit very well in the ear space and are comfortable for me.

Used them last year for long periods touring and they were great.

I experimented with this stuff last year but never white found the answer.

In ear phones are the only way to go given that most helmets are so friggin noisy. (About time that became some form of regularised test.) You need a balaclava to keep them in place while you don your helmet. Problem is, I hate in ear 'phones.

The next problem is the music level. If it’s right when your stationary, it will be inaudible at speed, or right at speed , too loud when stationary and MP3 players are too small to adjust on the move.

Time for the chunky MP3 player with big buttons and some noise cancelling helmet speakers.

Do these exist?

I use my iPod earphones, they seem to do ok for me, although I have to keep em in place with a neck tube.

if you want something a little more custo try http://www.ultimateear.com/

I use “Bass Monsters” - very effective. Not cheap, but very robust, slim, and fit like a glove in my Nolan 103.

Now connected to the half-price Autocom I acquired from Tippets recently. :smiley:


I’ve got a pair of speakers that stick to the inside of the helmet lining. They’ve got a waterproof connector that plugs straight into an ipod ect. Can’t tell you who made them, bought them off a mate. Love em

I could really help here, but after last time, I’ve given being helpful. :wink:

I’ve used various over the years but keep coming back to the original white ones that come with the iPod. Get decent sound and fit from them. Tried Sennheisers twice and the sound would be muffled by the rubber fitment folding in on itself and both sets died within 6 months. Make of that what you will.

And use them around London - the right song really aids the speedy filter.

If your helmet fits as snugly as it should then you won’t need anything additional to keep them in place. If your helmet isn’t so snug then (buy a new helmet) a balaclava will do the trick. But not in the summer. You could try ladies tights but it may become problematic when you go to pay for your fuel.

I’ve got a pair of these, which are great.

They’re not cheap, though.

If you go for the Sennheisers - which are a brilliant choice, and not very much money - look for the newest MkII model. They’re supposed to be an improvement on the already excellent originals.


I use the Sennheisers too. Cost about £30 :slight_smile:

Don’t use them if you go touring in France or Spain…you will get nicked and fined. Can’t even use a GPS here (not sure about Fr)…

i use my MP3 through my autocom… that way the volume goes up according to the increase in ambient noise in the lid detected by the wind sennsor - such a good bit of kit - always 50% off in NEC sow - go for Super Avi Pro… the mutts nuts - great bit of kit!

is this the same forum that slates cyclists for wearing headphones? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe, too funny.
Sorry Tom, but I have to link to the other thread:

Tom, I’m interested in your opinion. I’ve always wondered about the damage wind noise can cause. Would noise cancelling earphones help? I was worried they would isolate me from the outside world too much. Do they help overcome the issue of having to adjust the volume when riding slowly or quickly?

I wouldn’t ever use noise-cancelling 'phones on a bike. They’re really effective - totally cutting you off from everything. It’s actually rather eerie.

Noise-isolating earbuds would be better - at least then you’ll be able to hear sirens, horns and engines.

Having ill-fitting earphones could actually be worse than none at all, as you’ll be cranking the music right up to hear it. That, coupled with the constant wind noise, could really frack up your hearing over a few months.

PM sent. :slight_smile:

I bought these for listening to music, a bit expensive but probably the nicest earphones I’ve had.


They cut out alot of background noise so you don’t need to turn them up too loud. They feel like earplugs when they are in so I am able to wear them all day, but as luck would have it I find music too distracting on the bike so I have gone back to using plugs.

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