Earn money for Market research on Bikes, this wed 6.30pm

Anyone fancy earning themselves £60 for 2 hours taking about motorbikes ?

A market research company is looking for similar minded riders, to come along to an office on Wed 19.10 at 6.30 in Sunbury. Will be given cash on the night simply for your input.

PM me for more details



sunbury on thames?

I’m in! where exactly as Leon put :slight_smile:

you have to be 41!!! being a baby faced 27 yr old I didnt think I could blag that

!!! 41? Pah… Oh wait. gugger, i’m close :Whistling:

I am 41 :smiley:

im half that, can i come :hehe:

…applied but too honest…must be a cruiser rider to qualify…so one place still left I think.:slight_smile:

I can ride a cruiser !

wow i dont qualify agewise!

i feel so young!!! :laugh:

Hmmmmmmm … 41+ year old cruiser riders. That’ll give them a good representative sample of motorcylists for their research, won’t it? :smiley:

maybe they’re reserching on how many leather tassels would go on a jacket…:smiley: