Early Riser Sunday Blast 13th October


UPDATE - As some of you know a trackday rider was killed at Oulton park last week. Many of us do track days and a accident like this could happen to anyone and so as a sign of respect i’m going to do a collection on behalf on Londonbiker.com at breakfast and pass it on to the riders family - all donations welcome big a small. Thanks guys X

This ride is famous for its great jokes, great corners and poor quality of riding.

No harleys, 125’s or commuter only riders - our riding quality is not that poor :D:crazy: No Vegatarians, people on a diet, or big scooter riders. No one who is better looking than Johnny Bravo - he gets all odd about it.

This is a fantastic route to a breakfast cafe in Chipping Norton for a English breakfast. We leave the dome roundabout in Watford at 8am YES its early BUT the roads will be quiet and you will be glad you came (no refunds if there is lots of traffic)

We meet at the dome roundabout Shell Garage in Watford ( Its not far away, its 20 mins from the Ace or 10 mins from Brent Cross.) CLICK HERE FOR LOCATION

Come up the M1 to junction 5 then A41 and you cannot miss it.

After breakfast in chipping norton we head back via some twisty roads to london and may stop off for a tea and perving at Ducati Aylesbury or Cake in Marston. Total ride about 180 miles home for 1pm ish

Big bike riders only, no nobbers or people who want to follow to close, pace is brisk but not stupid. 30 means 30!!! Cornerman system will be used if needed.

If there is not enough info here its prob not for you.

Ducati friendly, please make sure your **** heap is road worthy, any bikes that turn up leaking oil will be set on fire to keep us warm.

You also get to punch Scorch in the groin if you see him over take on double white lines!!!:laugh::cool:

If you cannot take a joke stay at home :D:w00t::Whistling:

Damn you boldie. Really gonna manage to drag me out of bed at silly o’clock sooner than later.

Have i thought scorch some bad habits then? :smiley:

He’s probably got his hands on a boot leg copy of our HC

Lat’s do it this Saturday :crying:

If the weather is bad i i will move sunday then i will move it to saturday


Do we have to wear our T-Shirts over our leathers. :slight_smile:

You don’t i have had one made especially for you.:smiley:

Are dirty twins allowed?

Supposed to be working on Sunday but if we are back earlish I will be up for this as its only down the road (ish)

Don’t wait for me if I’m not there!

They can come if the want, will you bring them both on your KTM?

Sounds good to me. I’ll see if I can get a new tyre on Saturday. Anyone else riding up from Central London? Might be more sensible if there is a group of us.

I’m in if it’s not pissing with rain :slight_smile:

I can tell you Scortch is also in, he’s just sulking i took the piss outta him earlier :wink:

I’ll be heading from central London.

I promised my missus to spend the day with her and shitloads of stuff to sort out but… **** it, I’m in! :smiley:

I’ll sneak off the bed smoothly, she won’t even notice…
…and I’ll be back home with lunch and flowers to make it up :cool:

Could meet you at the Ace and head up from there.

I can lead a group up from the Ace if anyone fancies. It’s not that hard to find but might be a bit of a laugh.

I’m ace at poor quality riding… gotta be careful with the double white lines tho!
I heard something about punches in the genitals :unsure:

That would be quite a detour for me, Ideally id be headed for A41 from Strand/Aldwych.