Early morning rideout, Herts people 5th June?

I’ve finally got a day off and the weather is supposed to be good for a change, don’t suppose there’s anyone in the Watford area that is going out for a couple of hours in the morning?


As it so happens, I’m off this Friday, and Watford’s not too far from me. So, if you fancy a short ride in the morning, I could pop over…although if the weather forecast is anything to go by, it’ll be pi55ing it down.

Let me know where you want to meet. :slight_smile:

Isn’t tomorrow the 5th or am I having a blonde moment?! Also going out Friday morning, well if the sun’s shining anyway!

Whoops, it’s me having the blonde moment.lol You’re right, the 5th is tomorrow…but I’m at work. :frowning: But if you’re free on Friday, I can meet you then. :slight_smile:

I’m watford based, but have a Monday to Friday job.

If your heading out over the weekend in future let me know.

Although, can’t do this Saturday as I’m going to Silverstone to watch the Renault World series.

How early is early Miss Dizzy?:cool:

Blimey, not that early, I need my beauty sleep and then some! PM’d you!

this early? :w00t:

Some people are soooo lazy :slight_smile:

I hope you did manage to get out, perfect weather for a ride today, stunning blue sky and warm too :slight_smile:

Steve was that you I saw with one other bike in the layby at Denham about half hour ago? … The blur as I went passed on the other side of the road was green bike, black leather clad person wearing black helmet.

Was he good looking and riding like Rossi ? Yeah, that was me, just out for an afternoon stretch :Whistling:

No, wasn’t me unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha, I’m glad I didn’t go round the roundabout and catch up to say hi :smiley: I’d have been very embarrassed :blush:

Got the bike sorted, new tyre so had to have a blast to break it in :wink:

Chasing after green kwaks is a good sign though Ang . . . shows you’re slowly withdrawing from the gixer addiction that so many people on LB seem to have :wink: Maybe when Mark uses the K7 for track you might even buy yourself a ZX10 ? :cool::wink:

The weather was perfect, wish I could say the same about the route I chose, some of the country lanes were interesting, lol! Dunstable Downs was beautiful, sun shining, gliders overhead, cup of tea and Chunks as company! What more does a girl need!!

Ang n steve you should both get a nice underpowered honda like me !!

Two words… No chance! :laugh: :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww shucks:D

It was indeed a lovely day, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the company and the weather:cool:

I thought your route was cool to be honest. A few nice twisty bits;).

I do worry though, the people are a bit odd up that way aren’t they?;):D:D

Now I’m concerned as you only spoke to me!!

No i didn’t:D

There was the two big-titted tea ladies that it took to make two teas and the school teacher doing the survey:P;):smiley: