Early morning blast

Got woken up this morning at 4am by the missus
She had a cab booked at 5am to take her on her hols, so I had to make brekky, promise her I’d water the plants, keep house tidy, have no wild parties etc etc

Looked at the weather and thought hmm, where’s this rain they forecast?
Checked BBC weather, it’s due about midday and carries on till Sunday, hmm, could I face a weekend without a blast, nope

Jumped in my leathers and shot off on a 150 mile round trip, sod all traffic on the roads, fantastic

Have to do this more often this summer, sod going out midday when all the roads are full of tourists and caravans meaning endless dodgy overtake, I found a new hobby, Dawn Riding

Roads aren’t always warm, but who cares, anyone fancy joining me on a Saturday/Sunday morning at 5am soon?


Sounds cool. I love early morning, especially in town.

When the shoulder is fixed (about 6-8 weeks) I’d be well up for it

The skies were just starting to lighten up when I came back from Frith/Ace this morn at 4. I love it, best time of the day.

Perhaps we can organise a few dawn raids? is good for honing your riding skills.

4am :o What was you doing till then?

Riding skills, yes, it’s the first time I’ve been out that early for a twisties ride, I’ve been out for essential joureys, motorways etc but never a ‘fun’ ride.

I was able to maintain a fantastic pace, just need to get my camcorder strapped on the tank for my next run, hmm, what’s the forecast tomorrow morning

little bit of notice and i could be interested in a dawn run.

I work earlys at the airport during the week so getting up is no problem for me, at that time of the day it’s a bit like diffrent world out there with just the posties and milkman floating about.

m8 that sounds like a crack…its only half hour before the baby starts screaming anyway…count me in!!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a morning person, at all, but, with the rewards this high I’ll get an early night.

It won’t be a huge planned event, I’ll just monitor the BBC weather and if a good Saturday or Sunday pops up I’ll be at Box Hill for 5am , ready for a 5-30 departure, prompt.

Riding style is fairly spirited, the route is mind blowing and suits brisk, smooth riding, lot’s of straights, nice sweeping bends, no Motorways and a blast back down the A31/A3. I’m not going to constrain any faster riders either, if you wan’t to leave me for dust then that’s cool

Details and routes will be planned nearer the day(s)

If only tomorrow was Sunny, I’d be off again

I wouldn’t mind giving this a go, I’ve been up at Boxhill a lot the last couple of months, never when the roads are quiet though, I always think ‘could’ve had that bend if this car were’nt here’.

I’m on an nc30 so go easy on the straights??

NC30, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm touch the cloth, feel the quality, rub the badge kenneth.

Hey, what about this Sat morn? not gotta be raining tho.

Whats sey peeeeeeeeeeeps?

4 hrs sleep last night + early departure for Silverstone Sat morning = unlikely. But it will happen once summer’s here…

it is summer andrew, what you talkin about

4 hrs of sunshine a week ? LoL suppose it could pass as a summer…

IN THE BLEEDIN’ ARCTIC!!! This rain is seriously cheesing me off. Hope it dries as promised for tomorrow nite, reckon I’m gonna get a soaking at Silverstone.