ear phones

ok, I need a new set of ear phones that I can wear under my helmet, any suggestions, I would like something that hooks over my ear as the in-ear ones keep slipping everytime I do a shoulder check…

lol I was thinking £20-£30 but wow £70 for a pair of ear phones could probably fit a stereo in my lid for that…

I hear (sorry about the pun) these are pretty good, and more in your price range:


Creative do a nice set which fit nicely under a lid, check em out on amazon. I think Senheiser do a similar set as well but they cost a little more.

Yep. I have a pair and I really like them :slight_smile:


which ones do you use lusty

Depends how much you value your hearing ? The Sennheiser ones are nowhere near good enough. Good sound, but they don’t block enough wind noise.You might be deaf as a post in ten years time, but hey, you saved yourself 40 quid. Bargain. :smiley:

lol if there is wind getting into my ears through my full face helmet I think cheap headphones would be the last of my worries.

If you put the Senheiser one’s in your ears properly then you should have no issues at all with wind noise, I use my one’s all the time, never have any problems with wind noise :smiley: Not everyone has £70 to blow on a pair of headphones!! :w00t:

Blimey, are you really that naive about it ? :ermm:If you genuinely think that wind getting inside the lid causes hearing loss, then you really need to do some research on the net.

Someone asks for advice, people put accross their opinions and the person who created the thread chooses what they want to get according to everyones comments and reviews, simple, no need to push your choice on them no matter how much better for peoples ears you think these headphones are :wink:

Not everyone has £k’s to spend on a bike but many do. :wink:

I have a pair of Sennheisers for normal ipod use. They good, but they’re not good enough for bike use. And I’m sure you can get earplugs cheaper than 70 quid that do a much better job.

I’m not going to argue the point any more. To be honest I couldn’t give a t0ss what people stock in their ears. :stuck_out_tongue:

What?? I’m simply saying that he obviously knows very little about this subject and should do some research before making a decision. How is that pushing a certain product on him ?

Just give your advice then without calling someone naive :smiley: :wink:

Just an interesting link, which gives some info

Might wanna stock something in your ears after reading this… :slight_smile:


Imo, anything you shove there will help to reduce the levels (unless you’re trying to blast music over it). Some obviously better than others, but as has been said - it’s all about personal choice…

But ‘naive’ means having or showing a lack of information or knowledge. It’s not derogatory. If Sleeper thinks that hearing damage is caused by wind entering his full-face helmet, then it is without doubt naivety about the subject.

Sleeper, it’s not a dig at you. Just some friendly edvice. :slight_smile:

As Alex says, and protection is better than none.

Haha, I did go to school, know exactly what it means :wink:

Good. Now tuck ya feathers back in. :wink:

(only joking Dawn…) :hehe:


puts on me best scouse accent " alright, alright calm down dare" :smiley: