e-Squad Jeans

armalith is a mixed fabric produced from a fibre that is generally used for non-textile applications (for example in the defence, space or offshore sectors). The fibre is reworked, treated and combined with a cotton thread, and is then woven using a special process – the breaking limit of a trouser leg made of this material is greater than 10 tons!

yes that is a hummer being lifted by a pair fo these Jeans!! :w00t:

Esquad has made loads of apparel from this fabric and their jeans look alot better than most Kevlar.

The major difference is that there is no lining… the whole jean is made of the armalith material! so there are no week points (stitching of kevlar to jean) or areas of no protection (no kevlar inside)

there are no stocklists in the UK at the moment! (there are in Greece so might have a look next time im there) prices from 170euros (up to 300)

some videos:



I’ll buy a pair if it comes with the hummer, bargain at 300 Euros! :smiley:

Thing with these jeans, and draggins eetc, is theres no armour on the knees, right?

you can put armour in anything you want, but usually, it’s fitted at the factory.

They look very good, especially on that Ducati :smiley:

wrong…mine came fitted with knee armour:)

The problem with armer in jeans is that they’re usually a loose fit, so it’s hard to keep it in the correct place.

I love my Draggin Cargo jeans, but I don’t wear them on “proper” rides for that reason.

i dont think that they should be considered as replacements to leathers as such ;), but if you only ride in town and you are going to attend situations where leathers are not an option (e.g. work, social gathering) then these can be a useful solution

I think that demonstration of lifting a Hummer is a bit irrelevant.

On a bike its all about abrasion resistance which that doesn’t show. I bet a normal pari of Levi’s will actually have a surprising amount of strength when pulled like that, but hit the road and they rip to shreds due to abrasion.

They’re proabably fine, but the advert is crap :wink:

I might get some Forcefield knee armour for my draggins as they fit over the joint with elasticated straps rather than attach to the jeans. That way they are less likely to be knocked out of the way in a spill.

They Sell em here : http://www.gorgeousbikes.co.uk/

He’s had those jeans for a year or so now, I’ve tried a couple of pairs, but they are cut for the slimmer person. Don’t know if he’s right but says they are as good as leather in abrasion tests.
Also they cost more than leathers, not cheap, but I like them and would get a pair especially with summer on the way…so they say.

U signed in as him Hanna ?

Edit , He’s as in the guy who runs the shop ! DOH !

Not me JC!

For note I have a pair of Draggin jeans and bought some knee armour that straps onto your legs so you don’t need to worry about the armour moving. It’s very good. :slight_smile:

I wonder if my primark jeans would hold that Hummer up?

sure… :smiley:

The material is so cheap and thin they can hardly hold themselves up. :smiley:

I was interested in these but at £200+ I think I’ll get a pair of draggins

At £250 you can wear Primark jeans and shove £5 notes in them for padding.