E London new biker.

Hi All,

Not the first post but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rob and I own Street Triple R `13, well might be first one sold in UK not for me it is to judge (12 plate).
Had few bikes in the past, most of them abroad from 50ccm up to 350ccm.
Looking forward to meet some of you guys on the road, meets and ride outs.

All the best,

Welcome Rob. The bike looks great…

Thank you very much,
I love it :slight_smile:


PS. (I should say “I know”)

Oh yeah, nice bike. And nice to see someone else from East London as well, seems like everyone’s from the West :smiley: Welcome


Welcome Trumpetier, is that a North City purchase?

I’m from the Forest

Indeed, nice people are working there.


Thanks all for warm welcome, I hope we’'ll be able to meet some day and have a nice ride.


i recognize that beautiful ST!

looks a regular of HG @ gants hill?

:slight_smile: correct

I will popin maybe tomorrow to spend some £ and show you my bar end mirrors mod.


Or you could come for a ride?

Yea, why not :), but I may not keep up with you guys… :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome :smiley:

lol welcome, come round for coffee again! :smiley:

Down Matt

Rob’s a Jetstreamer now

oh perlease, he aint my type dear.

where have you been hiding?

Welcome to the site Rob, hope to see you on a few of the ride outs this year

I’ve been seen meandering along the London Road three times this year, just not had the time to pop in.

pop in next time you old tart for a cuppa, Steve mentioned you the other day:)

I have no idea :slight_smile: and that was beauty of it…

It was very, very nice :slight_smile:


Hi all

im new to this site and new to riding, brought my 1st bike last summer a kawazaki w650! im just wondering if there is some kind of ride out south east london to get used it riding and gain more experience?

thanks shakey …