E-Bay Frustration

I have just had a non-reply to a complaint made to ebay on the practice of sellers withdrawing items for sale. In my view if you out an item up for sale and some one has a bid on it thats it, your bound into a sale contract end of.

What some people do is put up a warning that they have items advertised else where and thats far enough you are warned and cant winge if you dont get the item with a winning bid.

What I have seen is a number of bike salvage firms putting parts up and then withdrawing the items because they haven’t made enough, that the risk they take and they shoiuldn’t be allowed to withdraw with out some penalty, hell you can’t even leave negative feedback.

This is grossly unfair, if you were say bidding for a race can and had a winning bid, but thendecided that you didn’t want it, the seller can leave negative feedback, imho the converse should be true.

Have to agree with you. Seen one salvage yard put a DRZ mud guard on 5 times over the last 3 months and unless they are just lazy and use the same photo it is the same item. It was withdrawn every time.