Dyno'd The Bike?

As some you know Urbane Exhaust Systems were at the Ace yesterday running a dyno. Quite a few LB’ers had there bikes done, including me.

Honda CBF500/A
Stock exhaust no performance modifications, 56BHP & 33lb.ft torque as per Honda. Recorded 59.22BHP, 37lb.ft torque and a maximum speed of 140mph on the dyno.


gonna get mine done next month shop near me doing freebie one, be rude not to take advantage :smiley:

my my kev what lumpy curves you have:P

My B-King before and after Yoshi Pipes and Power Commander

Hi Kevsta

I wonder how accurate that dyno was. My understanding is that manufacturers quote power figures from the crank which means their figures are higher than those you would get from the rear wheel on a dyno run. Strange then that your dyno run figures are higher than Honda’s from a completely stock bike.

I also find it hard to believe that a CBF500 would get anywhere near 140mph in stock form! (I used to have one)

Any others find the same on their dyno runs from the day at the Ace?