dyno time............... :)

Taking my bike to have in Dyno’ed and custom map done next friday, Total Traction in colchester, can’t wait to see it on the Dyno, i’m going to try and do a vid and post it up when all is done. How do i post vids?

Have a good time Neil, it’s a fun experience watching your bike on the Dyno. If the videos are small you can just upload them as you would an image, though if it’s big (say larger than 5mb) then I’ll host it for you.

Cheers Jay, i’ll give you a shout if needed when i am done next Friday mate.

Just got back from my time on the Dyno, Should of heard my baby screaming, very smile enducing Had 146bhp at the wheel now got 154bhp, and loads more torque, could realy notice the difference on the way home, very pleased. Very big up to Total Traction, very very profesional, very acomodating, very good service

Could’nt get any decent vid as it was through glass, all i could see was myself…


gixxer 025.jpg

Smart! Bike looks fab there, bet it pulls hard now eh! Smooth throttle? Is the noise of the bike on the dyno not akin to having an orgasm? It is for me (or shouldn’t I say that??), hehe.

Yea, the bike pulls much harder now Jay, took me a bit by suprise when i let rip on the way home, just realy gets up and goes, wheel even lifted On the Dyno…Mmmmmmm certainly get’s ya going, i could’nt stop looking and smiling.

They have a bike dealer next to the workshop and all you could hear in there was my bike screaming. hehehehehe