Dyno results!

162 bhp to 183 bhp at the wheel. 203 at the crank

nice :slight_smile:

Where they based ?

Kt postcode. Kingston/surrey I think :slight_smile:

Cobham, near leatherhead

Steve Jordan MotorcyclesRear of Beckleys GarageLeatherhead RdGreat BookhamLeatherheadSurreyKT23 4RQ

Good bunch of folk there… have been most helpful with my bike through an insurance claim, always take the time to answer stuff…

Yeah - north from Box Hill and turn left at the roundabout with the Co-op petrol station.


CBS in whitton also do dyno stuff and carb tuning etc…

my ninja got 96.3bhp at the rear… need to break the ton :smiley:

Ta…thinking about dynojet kit for the XX free up some more ponies

Technically, I’ve broken the DOUBLE ton :smiley:
but that’s at the motor only. Still, it is lively :stuck_out_tongue:

What changes have you made to the bike to get that power gain? :slight_smile:

Mrs J says the mans bum dont look too sexy, she`d have prefered to ogle yours Jaime.:pinch:

Mods that matter… Yoshi pipe with decat.
Mods that hurt… K&n filter and airbox mod ( the bike was designed properly to use the smaller box)

But total mods air filter Nd airbox mod
Pipes and decat
Ecu retune

Seems a lot of power for the mods but the kings busa engine is a restricted one so any tuning unleashes a lot of Gogo power.
Some of the boys go from 1340 to 1440 cc and get 220bhp :w00t:
Costs a bit though.
Not bad power considering the engine revs to 10k only…

probably take another 100 miles off each rear tyre then? :wink: