Dyno GSXR1000 K7

Went to SBK today and Rhalf stuck the bike on the Dyno and did some re-mapping of the ECU.

GSXR 1000 K7, Taylormade exhaust, std Filter and ECU. After a few runs managed to get 172.1bhp @ 12184.6 rpm & Max Torque 81.99 ft/lb @ 9775.2 rpm.

The main reason was not to get higher Bhp. The bike was running a bit rich.

Had a good few hours down there, Rhalf is a top bloke! A good day!!

thats a lot of power dude :slight_smile:

Too much for any one man :slight_smile:

j/k, it’s fun, nice one woo woo.

I had my ECU Re mapped at Steve Jordans a while back and figures were nearly the same with a Racefit Growler. Changed the Can to a Jap Yoshi so really need to get it back on a Dyno again to check the Fuelling

out of interest can you post the power and air/fuel graph ? before and after ?


Can I ask mr Banjax why do you want to find out what in the bike that I have done. Why dont you call me, I dont think is nice what you are doing, at the end of the day I dont go asking your customers what they set up are if I need something I will come and ask you personally as I did before but you guys didn’t want to help me.

just wanted to see what fuel line you get with an ecu remap , not bothered how you do it just interested in the end result…i would have asked you but i’ve seen emails you’ve sent to one of our customers :wink:

dont worry fella’s i have a solution! im willing to give u both my pride and joy for a free dyno run and tune up, then i can post up graphs from both of you…i feel thats fair :smiley:

ooh sounds like mo is on the right tack but maybe better would be good old fashioned pistols at dawn…well better for the spectators not necessarily for the two of you…

the thing is i don’t do remapping of the ECU like Ralph does , so there would be no direct comparison , i was just interested in what was achievable without a power commander , forums are good for that aren’t they??? :unsure: , i’ll enquire elsewhere as a public slagging match on here is un-professional…now where’s me handbag…:smiley:

Would love to show you the graph but I don’t have a scanner.
I can say A/F RATIO line is between 13.3 and 12.5 between 4600 rpm & 12000 rpm, the standard line initially fluctualed as low as 12.1 @ 7000 & 8000. After the mapping the line was smoother and had a lot less fluctuations than before.

If I could afford the power command direction I know this line could be even smoother.

I hope it helps, woo!

Don’t need a scanner mate… just about everyone here that put up their reading took it on a camera, just fit the page on the screen and snap, here I’ve uplaoded my reading which was taken on my N95 Phone… nothing special:


have a look there you’ll see what I am on about…