Dying wish to visit The Ace

Unfortunately, but predictably, Billy recently passed away and
his funeral is on Monday (23rd Sept).

MetalRed and me will be giving the hearse a 2 bike escort as
his relatives said they would like that.

If anyone would like to increase the number of bikes please
feel free to ride with us from the funeral parlor to the cemetry.
09:15am W H Putnam Ltd Streatfield Road Queensbury HA3 9DA
to the cemetry somewhere near Carpenters Park.
It should take under an hour.

Sorry to hear that. RIP Billy.

im sorry to hear about your loss :frowning: i never met him so i would feel abit awakward attending his funereal my thoughts go out to his friends and family. RIP Billy :frowning:

Sorry to hear this I will see you both there.

The day went well.

Thanks for adding to the bike escort and we got
thanks from Billie’s relatives too.