Dying wish to visit The Ace

Billy has terminal cancer and said, “I’d like to visit the Ace before I die.”

So I’m going to try to get him there, if he’s up for a pillion, Sunday lunch time.
I’ll post the exact time when I’m more certain we’ll be there.

It would make his day if folks could say hello.

Billy’s in his mid 50s, painfully thin, a bit under 6ft, grey hair and
will be on the back of my loud, black SV650.
He’s more x Ted than biker and has never been to the Ace.

Will do my best to get over, let me know what time and describe your sv.

If at all possible I will be there.

Quality effort there Mike.
Won’t be able to make it but with you and Billy in spirit.
The older and harder things get, the more I respect this kind of self-less help.
My respects to you mate

Nice one will try n get there

If he isn’t up to the pillion bot ways let me know and I could help out with the 911 Cab…

Damn…i’m away but would have been there. Good on ya for helping him with this wish.

Do my best to get there.


We’re on for a 1pm visit tomorrow, Sunday forecast is 16 degrees and sun :cool:
Will be there for a cuppa i.e. at least half an hour.

Someone asked for a description of my SV, it’s naked, black and loud :wink:
Pic here… http://londonbikers.com/forums/FindPost995741.aspx

Loud teal Firestorm see you there.

Big thanks from me and Billie…

he looks like he had fun :slight_smile: what a great gesture

Well done for doing that - shame there was no way I could make it. :crying:

It was good to meet Billy, if only it could have been under better circumstances. Have to say he is a game beggar, I wouldn’t have gone pillion being that ill!

Well done Mike, a lovely thing to do for a friend - sorry we were out and weren’t there. Best wishes to Billy.

just see this, was a lovely day today and a ride to the ace I would have had.

hope it went well

Biking helps the ills , when I had the internal failures going on I would ride to the hospital everyday on the blade and hide my gloves,jacket and hat in the shop at the hospital . Do the scans ,get the drips for an hour or 2 ,throw up in the bins outside …then scoot orf home :hehe:

Ah yes, but I believe this was also his first time on a bike:w00t:

MikeDaBike everyone needs a friend like you. Keep it up.

What a lovely thing to do Mike, I bet Billy loved it - really sorry I couldn’t be there.