Hi guys

The DVLA have been “trying” (really hard) to contact the previous owner of my bike, to confirm that I havn’t simply stolen the thing apparently, so in the meantime I can’t tax it, as I don’t have the reminder letter…

Will I get busted If I ride it while its SORN?

I would like to tax it, but I cant!

Yes you will get busted and the DVLA thing will not help you out.


You dont NEED the reminder form… do you? :crazy:
Im sure if you go to the post office with the MOT/Insurance docs & green slip they will tax it.

Is your v5 correct? Is so…

Yeah I have taxed a car with the green slip before.

You will get nicked, without a doubt, but…you could always say you left it with your plug spanner:P


Id guess not, as DVLA are trying to contact the registered keeper

Doh. :pinch:

I had the green slip, but the guy I bought it off told me to send that and another form I got off the post office to the DVLA.

So I dont have anything :frowning:

Then your out of luck…
You will just have to keep chasing the dvla up…

If you try to ride it sorn’ed then…



I think the police take a dim view of many things, but riding a bike that is registered as SORN is probably towards the top of their list. You may be unlucky and end up on one of those police TV programs, “This chap didn’t feel the need to tax his bike.”

You can defo tax with green slip, mot and insurance cert, I don’t it with my car when I got it.

I’m confused as to why you had to send the green slip off to the DVLA? You should have sent the part with new owner details off the DVLA which I think you both would have signed and then you are meant to keep the green bit as your record.

I think whats happened is he has done that. (Or the main section is lost etc)

But My guess is he has sent the green slip off to try to prove he is the owner in order to get the V5…
Either original V5 has been lost in the post or not sent… Either way DVLA haven’t received it.

Mind you, if he isnt registered as the owner…he wont get any speeding fines etc lol :smiley:

OR riding on the public road without tax… :wink:

I would not bother waiting around for the DVLA and little slips . https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/application-for-a-vehicle-registration-certificate … print that fill it in send it off , DVLA does not care who owns vehicles just who is registered to a vehicle, if they have somewhere to send a fine they are happy they do not care who owns it … police worry about that bit .

The previous owner never gave me anything but the little new keeper slip. The ******. This has been going on since july! Rang dvla again Monday they said it will be sorted ring back Saturday. Rsng this morning and 'there’s been a delay in your application you’ll have to ring back after October the 4th.

**** the dvla. Government organisations = monopolies = poor service and efficiency

So angry!!! Changed the plugs filters and oil all myself yesterday and still can’t ride it

When I recently bought my KTM, the dealer (P&H) gave me the green slip and they filled in my details on the V5 and sent it to DVLA. It’s the previous owners responsibility to do this also. I then went to the post office with just the green slip, cover note and mot and collected my road tax. Still have the slip as PO scanned it when I paid the fee. No need to send off or fill in more forms. Hope you get things sorted soon matey, but don’t be tempted to use the bike in the mean time. :crying: