I’ve just come home to find a letter from DVLA to advise that I am no longer the registered keeper <my reg plate>.

This is a little curious, as I don’t recall selling the bike and it is in fact still sitting outside my house under a cover…

Cloned plate? Someones crappy hand writing? Something dodgy?

Obviously I’ll get on to DVLA tomorrow, but, any thoughts?!

P.S. I am still in possession of the V5 too…

You obviously don’t remember selling it to me for £50 weekend before last? :slight_smile:

‘The Drunk Knight’ says it all!! :smiley:

quick, race through all the speed cameras you can, and then protest that you dont own the vehicle anymore, you’ve got proof :smiley:

Just contact DVLA tomorrow. They make all sorts of mistakes, but find out what is going on. There used to be a scam involving registering other people’s vehicles before claiming ownership, but I don’t think that works anymore. It could be a clone though, so get to the bottom of it.

wish that happened to me, just think every speed camera and red light camera in the country can go off as much as it likes, park where you want, do what you want, and not have a worry

Just make sure ur Bikes very secure for the next little while, just incase ther planing on comming in a van to releave u off it ( now they have a v5 of there own ??? )

The registered keeper does not mean the owner of the vehicle. As long as you bought the bike from someone that it was theirs to sell then you are the owner. it’s more than likely an admin cock up by dvla.

I purchased it from Bikestrobe in Barnet. Didn’t bother with HPI as I was purchasing from a dealer. Will see what happens…

my money is on the previous owner being slack in sending off his part of the logbook when he sold it to the dealer… when dvla eventually received it, you were down as the keeper so they removed you, i’ve heard of it happening before… like i said earlier, classic admin error & easily sorted when you speak to them…