DVLA Recovery Van - WC2

Morning All,

I’m not too sure how these guys work but they were impounding a bike in Arundel Street (WC2) this morning for having out of date road tax.

The guy said they were doing a random sweep this morning.

The sceptic in me would have thought they might impound a bike for not displaying it and charge a recovery fee when the owner shows proof of tax.

Maybe it’s worth displaying your tax today if its not on the bike? I’d be pretty gutted if my bike was lifted and I missed out on tomorrow’s ride out.

Thats harsh! Thats why I always display mine risking that kind of thing aint worth it.

Although then it gets stolen and you have to sit at the stinking DVLA office and pay £7 for a new one

Another fine mood your in today happy cods !!

those tamper proof tax disc holders are supposed to work.

Thanks for the heads up. Mine is in WC2N and has Tax on it, so safe. I’m probably going to do the photocopy route at some stage so that the original is safe with me and the “copy” is displayed.

LOL, I have one of those and it takes about 3 days to change my disk each year So yer they seem to work.

They do but they rip the tax if they try hard enough and you have to buy a new one anyway

Sure am old boy

Would it not make more sense for them to carry round a mini-PDA taht has access to the DVLA database.

If they can find the cars that haven’t paid, surely they can check online immediately if you have!

Just enter the reg number and hit return…duh, yeah, he has paid, leave the bike alone!

God how much of a bunch of thieving pikey scumbags are they…If you’ve paid your money you shouldn’t have to endure the hassle really, its not that hard to apply technology to such a SIMPLE issue really is it?

I am pretty sure that they would check to see if its taxed with the DVLA before lifting it. The bikes outside where I work are so jammed in, they wouldn’t be able to see a tax disk, and they certainly remove the odd bike from there.

I wouldn’t bet on it. Not when commission is involved.

Anyway, the disc must be displayed, if it’s not, the bike is on the highway illegally.

But if they can not get round a bike to see if its displaying a tax disk then they need to check some other way, surely. We are talking 24 bikes shoehorned in. There is no space to get round or see any of them. People lift/slide the bikes to create enough space to get another in, you can’t get a fag paper bewtween them.

If I see the guys operating again, I will ask them.