DUNSTABLE DOWNS - Saturday 17th October

For now until she is “riden in”. Then I’ll have you round the corners on the outside, depending how many knots the barge is doing!!!:P.

Zip it you sticky toffee;):smiley:

New Bike?

Knots!!! Plural!!! thats a bit fast for Steve…:stuck_out_tongue:

its in the catagory “bag-o-sh!te” in parkers guide :D:D:D

yes nick a new bike. Not a lot of fun though when you can only do a max of 50-60 for the first 500 miles.


Andy, you haven’t gone and bought a Blackbird, surely not? :smiley:

weather permitting im gonna come out to play, cant remember the last time i had a ride for the sake of riding… o wait yes i can :Whistling::doze:

biatch !!!:D:D

No Gav, even if it is usually fat blokes that purchase such machines.:w00t:

i think i might try this one…:cool:

I know what you mean…I wasn’t allowed to take my bike past 105!!! :w00t:

Will this ride be progressive or restricted to Aprillia pace?:smiley:

Fuel stops at 90 or 190 miles?

I suppose it’s not the most economical bike around. :stuck_out_tongue:

so, what is the new bike?

Tis green:D


No…his feet would never reach the

It’s the bike we’re talking about! :w00t: