DUNSTABLE DOWNS - Saturday 11th June

will hopefully be there

Hi Craig

Guess what ??

I now cant make this :frowning:

sorry bud

Sorry you can’t make it…hope you can make the next one in July. :slight_smile:

Weather looks like it’s going to be a bit damp this weekend, so make sure you wear something to keep yourself dry, everybody. :wink:

the forecast i heard on the radio said sat/sun dry but cloudy. hope its right, there`s this ride on saturday and GP at silverstone on sunday. the last thing we need is a washout.

I hope you’re not scared of a little bit of rain. :stuck_out_tongue:

craig, you know i`m scared of the rain. :stuck_out_tongue: see you tomorrow mate. :w00t: :wink:

Just checked out the latest forecast, and looks like we might be lucky tomorrow, and have a dry day. :cool:

hope to make it along tomorow, will see what morning brings :slight_smile:

Hi Craig … looks good to me… see you on the downs in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Well I’m home. Again sorry I couldn’t complete my tail-end Charlie duties for the trip home, but I did avoid any rain :smiley:

Nice to meet everyone, hope to see you next time.

thanks craig,was a fun day, right up to the time it pissed it down. still it was fun, thanks to norfolkchance, and geoff for tail gunning. hope you all got home safley…

Thanks Craig for leading and Gavin for tail duties on the outward leg and everyone else for the company was nice to meet a couple more LBers I hadn’t met before.

Great route with loads of real good twisties…good lunch pub… 20 minutes of lightish rain on the return but no problem, well for most of us!.. Tim bandit was seen to bale out bottle out :smiley: on tight bend and use the run off but we won’t mention that :stuck_out_tongue: … very good enjoyable ride… hope everyone is home safe:)





A group of nine for today was a good turnout. Shame the rain didn’t hold off all day, but that didn’t stop the fun. :wink: Was great to see a few new faces join us this time, too. Special thanks to Gav and Geoff for tailgunning.

Hope to see you all next month…probably Saturday, 2nd July, but I’ll post to confirm soon. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, here are few snaps I took of our day out into the country. :smiley:






Looks like you had a great day, shame we had to miss it, we were building a fence:sick:

i thought id got away with that one as you were the only one to see it :P it was when me back wheel started fishtailing in the wet and i thought id better not tip it into the corner while thats happening, saw a bale out (bottle out) and took it. :w00t: :cool: bet you wondered where i was off to. :stuck_out_tongue:

great day out guys really enjoyed it. thanks craig for organising/leading yet another brilliant downies rideout. thanks to gav and geoff for tailgunning and thanks to you all for the very good riding/company. i`ll see you all next month.

My first ride with Craig’s lads ! and I’ll be back ! Great day, brill roads, good lunch, good company. See you next time I hope. PS I was the newbie (little chap on the blue R6) !

mark. get yourself on the next one mate. 2nd july :smiley:

Will try Tim but off on my hols so last weekend before that. !