DUNSTABLE DOWNS - Saturday 11th June

Hot on the heals of the last great ride we had, here is the date for my next mini-tour. Sorry to all those who I know can’t make this date, but it’s the only Saturday I’m free in June, and there’s not much point if I’m not there. :hehe:

It will be the usual fun-packed mix of twisty A and B roads amongst our glorious English countryside, with our pub-lunch destination near Leamington Spa. The round trip should be about 160 miles, providing the route doesn’t change during the course of the day. :wink:

Outward route

Return route

The meeting point will be in the usual car park at Dunstable Downs from 10am onwards, with an estimated departure time of 10:30am. Remember to fill-up, as you’ll need a full tank of gas. Don’t worry, there will be a fuel stop for those with minimal tank range.

NB Unlike some, I don’t keep a register, so if you turn up after 10:30am, and there’s no one there, it means we’ve already gone. If you don’t know where the meeting place is, there are plenty of LBers who do, so it may be easier to come with them, if you can.

As always, the cornerman system will be used. Below is a simple explanation for all those unsure what this means.

  1. Lead rider (me) heads the group. All you have to do is stay behind and follow.

  2. Tail gunner (any volunteers?) is always at the back to pick up the corner markers…no one in the group should be behind this rider (unless it’s the queue to the bar, of

  3. Any rider immediately behind the leader should stop to mark any junction, whether indicated to do so, or if you think it would be helpful to the rest of the group (it’s never wrong to mark a junction), and must wait until the tail gunner arrives, riding off ahead of them. DO NOT move until the tail gunner reaches you, no matter how long you are waiting!

  4. Sometimes the lead rider may have to stop to mark a corner if he has no one to mark a corner for him.If you are the first rider to catch up, stop to take his place until the tail gunner arrives for you.

  5. If there happens to be no corner markers at a junction, assume to follow the road. Sometimes markers aren’t needed if it is obvious.

  6. MOST IMPORTANT: Ride at your own pace within the front and rear riders. The marker system will ensure you know where to go, without having to race to keep up, so you can stay safe.

As always, these rides are not affected by the weather, so if it rains, you had better get your waterproofs on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Craig :crying: you didn’t see my post then on the other thread … Or maybe you did :hehe:

I dont believe it…I think I can make this one …ATM

think he don’t want us on this one…knows I will be South of France :slight_smile:

Sorry Ang, I looked at the dates for June, and the 11th is the only one I can do…for all the others I’m already booked, otherwise I would have done another date. :wink:

Enjoyed the last, should be there for this one.

+1 :crying:

+1 :crying: +1 :crying: Moi Aussi, bugger, as the last one was excellent

I’m a may-be. To soon to know if I’m working or not. Looks a cracking route though.

+1 :crying: moi pareil :frowning: really enjoyed the last one

Hopefully be there on the Honda again, hopefully without oil running out the fork leg by then…


And Cheers for the last ride, good fun was had!

And I rudely forgot to add, double thanks to Craig for guiding me on my way home after the last ride too!

Happy to help. Hope you can make the next one…the route has lots of fun and twisty roads. :slight_smile:

Bugger! I’m at a wedding that day.

Although there isn’t may days in June I could do anyway, so maybe I’ll finally be on a ride in July.

Have fun.

Is it yours? :hehe:

No, its not my own. Although I’ve managed nearly 3 months with the current girl and I’m still very happy with her. By now I’ve normally found something wrong with them, but this one is very impressive.:stuck_out_tongue:

i`m there dude! :cool:

im at isle of weight festival else I would of for sure!!! next time…

Leon1984 (02/06/2011)

im at isle of weight festival

heavy man! :stuck_out_tongue: