Following on from a massive ride-out yesterday…28 bikes, I believe…here’s the next date for your biking calendar.

NFC has kindly volunteered to lead the group this time around, so I’ll be able to play catch-up too for a change. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW If anyone has a plan for a great route, let me know so we can make the necessary arrangements. :wink:

See you at the Downs at 10am, Saturday, 28th June, in the usual car park as always. :smiley:

oooh look Im firstIM IN !!! :smiley: ps…craig ya gotta change avatar, you aint got that much hair :P:P:P

Should be there, and hopefully i can get to you craig at somepoint in between, so it won’t as much hard work keeping up next time :wink:

Hey Steve what’s new? Kaz tells me you’re always first.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nige and I will be there.

Time to come and play.

Im in


A year ago to that exact weekend on a Saturday morning, at around 11am I was heading to a pub in Hemel Old Town for a quick traditonal short with the best man before I committed my life to my significant other down the altar in St Marys Church, Old Town Hemel.

Well (Steve) carrying on with my backwards theme, we had a one year old a four year old boy and been together for 9 years already…

So…Its anniversary number 1…and I planned sommat, expensive hotel, meal and erm…

If I could get her on the back of a bike, we could maybe come up and see y’all off, then back on with our day…

Missus is stressed out with my job as it is, fighting crime, and then, I went and got a bike as well…she claims never to want to get on one in control or pillion…ever

im Game :smiley:

Oh, and Craig…I hadnt managed to show my appreciation yet in the old thread.

Great Ride, and thanks to you and others for making me feel welcome, I will return, after Junes ride.

oooh westie will be sooo pleased mate :slight_smile:

no probs col pm me if you manage to get a pass out could go for blast :slight_smile:

i’m a possible, i hear good things about this run:)

I’ll come along too :slight_smile:

I might pop along… going to Scotland in July so may be prepping stuff that weekend. Will see nearer the time :slight_smile:

So if you come along chanting there’s a mooooose in the hooooose we’ll know you’re just practicing your accent :stuck_out_tongue:

God its going to bike the old rideouts the number of Trumpets that should be there (yes I should be on the 675 for this one). We should end up somewhere in East Anglia not decided where yet, before we head home again, well not home for me obviously, but for the rest of you it will be.

Glad you enjoyed your first day out with us. Sorry the next one clashes with your anniversary. See you in July. :slight_smile:

Just one question Craig. What exactly keeps on getting bigger…?

Sounds good but I’m torn… there’s a drinking session the night before! There’s no way I’ll make this if I get as drunk as last time :smiley: Do I not drink and come, or drink and maybe come? Such a tough decision :laugh:

The number of people coming on our ride, of course. What a silly question. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t manage both, you’d better forget the ****-up and come out on the ride instead. :wink:

come on the rideout much more fun, and if westie back in time perhaps he might come just to see you all leathered up n hanging off :w00t::stuck_out_tongue: