After yet another great ride out from the Downs, here’s the next date for your diary…Saturday, 19th July, meeting at 10am in the same car park as usual (check out the link below for the exact location).,-0.536825&daddr=&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=19&sll=51.867452,-0.536951&sspn=0.001183,0.00235&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=19

NFC is going to be our route master for this trip…postponed from last month due to the council throwing sh1tty grit all over one of the chosen roads. Gits!

To make it easier to keep the group together, we’re going to be doing a slight variation on the well established Corner Marker system…this is how it’s going to work:

  1. NFC will lead the way as the route master.

  2. R4F (me) will be the group leader, riding directly behind NFC the whole day, placing corner markers as needed…so everyone will actually be following me.

  3. The tailgunner will collect the waiting corner marker…any volunteers for this position? :slight_smile:

This will hopefully make the ride run smoother, with less chance of misplaced corner markers, and people going astray. :wink:

Ok, that’s the plan. See you all in a few weeks time for another action packed day of fun riding in the English countryside. :w00t:

I wont be able to make it - you have fun now! :slight_smile:

hey there, would love to come, and I guess, as I am last anyway…

Would love to come, but I will be touring the back roads of lower normandie for a week either side of that day.

maybe next time

You mean, you’ll be bringing up the rear? :w00t:

working :crying: oh and normandie the week later so gotta conserve funds :slight_smile:

what are you thinking :w00t:

I’ll be there. And I don’t mind being the tail in Steve’s absence.

Guess what? I can’t come. :crying:

:rolleyes: Bloody excuses

I may be washing my hair that day:P

as i and james (my bike) are back on the road now, we should be there, … not cutting grass this time hopefully, hey Dawn hope u healing …

Do you know how long it takes to wash this hair with two bloody good hands let alone one in a cast up to my elbow? however Sir Slim should you wanna come round and run your fingers through my pantened up hair, Craig has my number.

Hey fellow sv girl, glad James is ok now, the purple gravel eater is in bits but not for long, and I’m not as aching as I was a couple of days ago, thanks for asking.

Im seeing a pattern here…girlies and SV’s :slight_smile:

glad you got yours sorted out again we were wondering, and dawn hows nigel doing fixing yours ? think you should wash and polish my bike you doing nuffin else :slight_smile:

Aha! I got the bloody thing to work.

Would very much like to come along again. Will be trying to get a pass from the missus!

hi all,

would very much like to join you all on the 19th, as it will be my first ride out can someone please tell me how it all works so i dont look like a complete prat lol

Oi Steve I’ll have you know I am very busy here alone all day, do you know how many men are out there on the internet for me to perv chat with. I did attempt the hoovering once, but my right arm is so weak I couldn’t push it, and I didn’t mention the effort it took to open 8 bags of prawn cocktail yesterday, so don’t think I have it easy here you know. Clean your bike indeed, I don’t even do my own, Nige is such a loyal husband he always cleans my bike for me.

The bumper man in Leagrave wants £600 to repair and spray my fairings, I don’t think the bike’s worth that is it? (well it’s priceless to me), so Nige’s mate in work knows a man who knows a man and is getting them done for half that.

bit of gaffer tape and can from halfords…sorted :slight_smile:

shoulda looked through busters mag got different fairing £30/40 damn sight cheaper :smiley:

the person after info on how it work read the thread about last rideout on 28th all info in there

Glad you’re back on the road. No off road excursions this time. :w00t:

Look forward to seeing you again on the 19th. :slight_smile:

Well, you finally made it…thought it would never happen, and you’d be in MCN exile for

You’re more than welcome to join the party. :slight_smile:

Although I will be explaining the system on the day, here’s a brief description of how it works…

Everyone follows the leader (obviously), and when we get to junctions, if you are immediately behind them, you stop at the junction to mark it for the rest of the group. You must stay there until the tailgunner (who will always be the last rider for the entirety of the ride) reaches you, whereby you ride off in front of them. How fast, or slow, you want to ride between the leader and tailgunner is entirely up to you, and your own risk…so don’t ride outside your comfort zone, as we don’t want anymore accidents. You can’t get lost, becasue the corners will be marked. :wink:

Hope this helps explain the basics of the system, and see you on the 19th.