Dunstable Downs rideout

Thanks for coming peeps, it was a great day out!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope you lot did too! Only bit I didn’t like was my bloody pillion seat popping open at “making progress” speeds on the dual carriageway…

Great ride John

brilliant fun - and it did not rain one bit!!!

I know, looked like we were lucky at one point though, 'cos there were ominous looking clouds in the distance!

Just pulled some pics off my phone, so here they are!

Nice to meet you all. Was a great day, with good roads and beautiful weather. I’ve posted a few of my photos here for you, too. Hope to see you all again soon. :slight_smile:

Cool pics…

sorry i know we met but not sure who you are…

how rude am i??


oh and

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hi Abbey,

Thanks for the welcome. I was the guy on the red Ninja. I knew some people already, but there were so many new faces, it was difficult to talk to everybody…maybe we’ll get a chance to chat next time.

I have more photo’s, but didn’t want to bore you with too

Almost looks like a Honda showroom! Welcome to LB, ride4fun…