Dunstable Downs 29th October

I know some of the crowd from LB came along before, and it would be good to see you all again…so, who’ up for a days riding, before the winter spoils the fun??? Same time (11am), same place (Dunstable Downs).

PS The date is Sunday 29th October.

Do we have a meeting point and a route/destination in mind?

Meeting point is Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire, which is just off the A5. It’s easy to get to/find.

As for destination, nothig decided yet…all suggestions are welcome.

When? Got the London Ambulance weekend in Nov 18/19th i believe so thats no good for me and few others that were on the last ride out with u guys?

Hi Blade…the date is Sunday, 29th October. Can you make it???

Same date as the final round of the MotoGP so gonna have to forgo this one. Also may be heading back to my folks back home in Liverpool that week end. Anyway enjoy yerselves and hope the weathers fine.

are we gonna get lost again???

and i promise to be on time this time round!!

Get lost, us??? How could you say that?!!!

So, in future, if we don’t plan a route, we can’t get lost.

See you there at 11am…

fair enough!!

can you post up the map for dunstable again please?

also are you posting up on cbr-forum??

so dependant on weather and NEC me and kwaked up are in - ooooh can we go to the same pub we were at last time… that was so good!!!

Ok, here’s the map for Dunstable Downs.,+Bedfordshire+&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf

My mate Fats will be posting on the CBR forum, as he rides a Honda…me, I ride a Ninja.

Can’t promise the same pub…we might get lost!

i could find the pub again

doubtful if i could find the tea hut again tho…

So who else is coming on this - can meet ya at the B&Q near Becton (time tba - think around 9.30) so we can grab a quick tea when we meet the these very nice peeps at Dunstable for 11am??

Blade, Andrea, Salee, LF, Wiggy, IanXV, Oggy, Oli…come on you guys, anyone fancy this one???

would love to mate but still laid up (docs orders)

Hey Paul, no worries. Get well soon.

Be good to see you all, if you can make it.

Doh !! sorry that will teach me to look at headings wont it??? Dont think i can make it this sunday cos gotta go looking for furniture for the house? new 3 piece etc…its gonna take ages !!

Doubt Andrea? Shes gotta sort out another bike? (stolen)…

Salees still away treking somewhere in the world !!!

Looks doubtful if this is going ahead…RFF, this doesn’t look to have been posted up on the CBR forum…is it still a goer???

Will look in over the weekend - but may just meet up at B&Q anyway and go for a ride out…see ya all soon.


Im pretty new to the site but Ive organised a rideout this coming Sund and noticed
your doing the same how bout we meet up somewhere?
I dont know how many bikers will turn up at the Apollo in Hammersmith
my meet place) prob just me as itll be at 10am
so name a place and Ill meet you there!!!


For all those in doubt, the ride-out from Dunstable Downs is definitely happening tomorrow.

The plan is to meet at 11am in the car park by the refreshment shop, then head off to a pub where we can then watch th Moto GP…can’t remember where the pub is, but one of the other riders is leading us there.

So, it will be a ride, lunch in a pub, and Moto GP, all rolled into one.

hi all, they r at the bell in pitstone, just got back for my dinner.think they are staying to waTCH race then going for a ride after.