DUNSTABLE DOWN - Saturday 16th April

The first ride-out from the Downs is here!

**Update: ** Ok, I’ve now finalised the route, and for all those hoping for us to head out into the Leicestershire countryside, you’re in for a treat. It will be about a 200 mile round trip, and will be a good mix of fast and twisty A and B roads, and a pub lunch in between.

Breaking News! As never done before (by me), here is the route to and from our lunch destination, just to whet your appetites…well, this is what it should be, as long my “GM” sat-nav works on the day. :smiley:



Of course, these routes are subject to change at my discretion, and without prior notice. :hehe:

We’ll be meeting in the same car park as usual (see link below) from 10am onwards, with an estimated departure time of 10:30am. You’ll need a full tank of gas, so don’t forget to fill up beforehand. Don’t worry, there will be a fuel stop for those with minimal tank range.

**NB ** I don’t keep a register, so if you turn up after 10:30am, and there’s no one there, it means we’ve already gone. If you don’t know where the meeting place is, there are plenty of LBers who do, so it may be easier to come with them, if you can.,-0.536825&daddr=&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=19&sll=51.867452,-0.536951&sspn=0.001183,0.00235&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=19

As always, the cornerman system will be used. Below is a simple explanation for all those unsure what this means.

  1. Lead rider (me) heads the group. Do not pass unless you decide you’re leaving the ride.

  2. Tail gunner (any volunteers?) is always at the back. Always stay in front of this rider.

  3. If you are immediately behind the lead rider, and we cross a junction, stop to mark the corner if indicated to, or if you think it would be helpful to do so (it’s never wrong to mark a junction). Wait until the tail gunner arrives, and ride off ahead of them. DO NOT move until they reach you, no matter how long you are waiting!

  4. If the lead rider has stopped to mark a corner, and you are the first rider to catch up, stop to take his place until the tail gunner arrives for you.

  5. If there are no corner markers at a junction, assume to follow the road. Sometimes markers aren’t needed if it is obvious.

  6. MOST IMPORTANT: Ride at your own pace within the front and rear riders. The marker system will ensure you know where to go, without having to race to keep up, so you can stay safe.

Rain or shine, the ride will be on…unless it snows, of course! :smiley:

Sounds good! I’ll try and make it up for this. I might try and get a mate along too

very tempting as its been a while:)

Nice one Craig, have been waiting for these to kick off, shame I am at a LAN weekend with my mates. Ill have to take the next one. Have a good trip.

Which way you gonna head ?

Sorry for the delay, have had lots going on lately, as well as getting the bikes back on the road. Hope to see you in May. :slight_smile:

We will be heading in a northerly direction. Do you wnat me to post exact details once I’ve worked it all out, or happy just to come along for the adventure? :wink:

yes craig, im up for this - cant wait. melton mowbray! melton mowbray!

Im all for it mate , was up there last week with the Mrs watching the kites !

North is good for me , thats all i really need to know !

It’s a sure sign summers coming when Craig gets his bike out. :smiley:

Been on here a while but only been on 1 ride out. I went with a group to Beachy head and had a quality day. I’d be up for coming, my mates been riding about 6 months but only has a 125. Is he alright coming or shall I tell him to do one?

You’re more than welcome to come along…we always welcome newcomers. Just remember there’s no need to keep up with the faster bikes…stick to a pace that’s comfortable for you, as the cornerman system ensures everyone follows the route.

As for your mate, it all depends what 125 he rides. Although I avoid motorways, if he is still on L-plates, and with a restricted machine, then my rides aren’t going to be suitable for him.

Definatly! :slight_smile:

sorry craig can’t make this, got a gig, will definatly try my best to make the next one though

No probs, I’ll probably be there but will just be alone. I’m used to the cornerman system so would be well up for a ride. I’m down in Kent (Gravesend), is anyone else down this way who I can meet up with in the morning before the ride?

Hi Craig,

Spring is defo here as the Downies are starting again.

Will be there as not working, hoping the sun stays with us.

Looking forward to it.


Cheeky bu99ers. :smiley:

Im on this too now, can’t wait just hope the forecast changes to 20+ and no clouds :slight_smile:

Glad to see newcomers joining the party. :slight_smile:

And Tim, your wish may come true. :wink:

Last year’s was fun, so I’ll hope to join you on this too :smiley: