Dunno about Racetecs...

They warm up very quickly, are super stable when banked waaayyyyy over, AND they stick like the proverbial poo to a blankie. How the hell am I supposed to hang onto my license with these???

Fantastic tyres but only for the track! Thay are not made for the road and will never achieve the warm point on it

They can achieve the required temperature, run the pressures soft and ride lots of tight twisties My ZX7 is shod with them at the moment. Be careful wet or damp conditions.

yes! As you have a ‘normal’ way to ride it! lol

Mortals will never get it to work as it should and it’s only good for the dry

That is exactly what I thought (based on my experience with Supercorsas). Turns out these do get enough heat into them to really chuck it about, in next to no time (quicker than my 014’s!) - I’m not talking blistering track temps, but warm enough to get knee down within a minute or two. And they have much better damping characteristics compared to the 014’s too.

I won’t use them in winter though, and… Hi, my name is Friday and I’m a fair weather rider, I’ve been dry for 42 days now. The only rain my bike sees is when I forgot to check the weather report.

BTW I get part worns (normally very good condition) for £65 a set, delivered. Usually I only order them if we need 4 or 5 sets.

PS I’m running them at 36/36 for the road on my 1K5 (may drop the front to 34).

Supercorsas are the same. racetechs supose to be a better product which doesn’t mean better for the road. If you get the right temperature on them and are not on track you will destroy it. You are right there

Huh? I ran Racetecs on the road and track and found them to be absolutely amazing, they warmed up very quickly and enthused confidence. A superb tyre, only let down by it’s high cost. IMO, better than super-corsas.

I run Racetecs on my 04 R1 on the road after I’ve got a good track day out of them, they are better than the Pilot Sport or Race … or the new Dunlop Qualifier. They do need a couple of miles of accelleration and braking to warm up and they do reach a sticky operational temperature, though not optimum on the warm days. Not for novices and they go off well before the tread is used up. they aren’t safe then

As a plus … these tyres, Rennsports and the old Dunlop 207 GP RR’s have saved my bikes on more than one occassion on the road when I misjudged or Chav/Novaboy wandered into my path … and I needed unfailing performance out of my tyres, particularly the front.

Downside … people have died in the first two miles.

Licence-wise, we are blessed (makes a refreshing change) with more trackday’s per year than any country on the planet. But … roads ARE made for keeping in the groove.

“The price of freedom is constant vigilance”

some gung ho US General once said in a film (I know its not real - appropriate here though

I’ve fallen off on Racetecs past their best at the track, so would agree with you there fella. I’m sticking to Super Corsa’s now