Dunlop Winter Sports Car Tyres

I know we are a biking forum but worth a shot…

Putting this up for a friend at work. Tyres are in Sutton-ish area and will have to be picked up. They were on her dad’s car.

She has got them on Ebay for £500 (on the buy it now) but will sell to someone here for £400. Not sure exactly when the ebay finishes… Also advertised elsewhere

Dunlop Winter Sports

2 tyres (front) 235/40R/18

2 tyres (back) 255/35R/18

Cost £920

Tyres have been on a Mercedes E350 CDI

On car for 7 months – 4 months in winter of 2011/12 and 3months this winter (2012/13) – 8000 miles

Reason for selling – sale of car and won’t fit new car

Drop me a PM if interested and I’ll let her know… :slight_smile: