dunlop roadsmart ttc

Has anyone tried and tested these tyres? They are supposed to be of similar quality to the dual-compound Michelin Pilot Road 2. Bike magazine tried and tested them and found them better than the Michelins. However, I would like to have the honest opinion of like minded people

There’s loads of people on here who like the Michelin 2CT’s, doesn’t mean they’re the best but it does take away a lot of the risk in buying new tyres. You could buy the Dunlops but then find they’re rotten and you’ll regret spending the money.

I don’t believe too much what magazines write in reviews, sometimes you need to look at who’s advertising a lot with them :wink:

If you do get them then tell us what you think :slight_smile:

yeah i’d be interested in how you get on with em. got 12k on my road 2s at the mo and will be puttin em to bed after brands on the 5th. inclined to just go with the michelins again as i can’t fault em at all but i’m always a sucker for something different. who’s gonna be the guinea pig? :rolleyes:

Sounsds like you’d be the ideal candidate. Dunlops are not as expensive as Pilot Road 2. They are about 25% cheaper, and if you get 10% less miles they will still prove better value if the quality is equal. I have done 13000 miles on the Pilot rear on my Diversion, and have now fitted one on my Aprilia RSVR and see how I get on. New rear on my Diversion is going to be Dunlop Roadsmart TTC and will test it to the full. But don’t let me stop you.