Duke 2 wheels for sale


I’d love a set of duke wheels for my 520, but I can’t really justify it.

How much are you looking for the pair and EXC fittings?

^^^ ditto. An end to wire wheel cleaning misery, bliss!

Yeah, how much? (We could have a pair each and I’ll get my bro to fight Driesie for the fittings :wink: )

Erm, what condition are the bearings in? And what are they like weight-wise compared to Talon/Excels - any idea?

I’ll weigh both the duke and the talon/excels when i get home on friday.

I may have another duke spindle lying around in which case you can easily make them fit as you can buy the spacers, including the speedo spacer from KTM. Only thing is i dont have another 310 disc so unless your running a 320 now or change your brake setup you’ll have to get a 310 disc made up to fit.

The excels/talons are the same weight as the Duke2 wheels

Well who’da thunk it!

Thanks for checking Dave. But I’ll be giving these a miss I’m afraid, got all carried away for a bit but try as I might and as much I’d like 'em (a lot) I really can’t justify buying them (have also just spunked out the best part of £400 an an Akra system). Sorry if I wasted your time mate.

You may get them for free soon enough :w00t:

What does that mean - holding a raffle or summat?!!!

http://londonbikers.com/forums/865040/all-the-best-asbo :wink:

Right, I see what you’re at. Take care out there fella.