Due to popular demand

My name has now been changed.


lol ,

so did you watch it then ?

And it should have been Poncherello !


Actually JC, are you John:w00t:

For 25 Grand a week , hell I’d even go on the Jetstreams naked ride out !

You can be the duo’s gruff yet fatherly commanding officer Sergeant Joseph Getraer

Are you joining the Village People? :smiley:

You should of changed it to “Poncherello”

The funniest thing was that poor ole Chips didn’t even know who or why we were calling him Chips, he’s far too young to understand.

Google was his friend… :smiley:

I did try and explain in Brighton but being over ten years older he didnt seem to even get the concept of the show!!! good old google

Why do i Feel old !!

I thought that exact same thing as I was typing!!! at least it wasnt in black and white eh?