I saw him riding without the gloves on my way to work…

Rare, weird species…

But ducks dont wear gloves :rolleyes: :smiley:


i saw swanwoman without a helmet! :blink: :stuck_out_tongue:

There is lots of them, but not in the UK :slight_smile:

duckman?, omg i must ge waaaay out of touch!!,m we now have roland rat, ducky, and duckman? lol:P

:ermm: :blink:

Don’t worry Westie, Roland Rat/Ducky is THE original… he is one of a kind and does not ride gloveless.

Perhaps Yolaahs person can be called Gooseman :rolleyes:

lol, well i shall certainly look forward to meeting roland, ducky :stuck_out_tongue:

Gooseman it is then :slight_smile:

ps. it makes sense, they are just coming back from warmer parts of the world :smiley:

Hello Ducky, is one of your relatives runnin around in my ceiling void?


Logically faultless. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Next? :stuck_out_tongue:

any problems…? :slight_smile:

Do you often goose men? That question for Westie too :wink: lol

Who me!!! Nope, I’m good thanks.

What drugs are people on these days? ducks, goose, chicken??? :crazy:

you can get drugs in shapes of a duck, a goose or a chicken??? cool!! :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue: