Ducatis to be penalised by BSB

Once again the Ducatis are to be penalised by BSB. A new rule change effective immediately is putting an extra 10kg on to the bikes. With no testing available before this weekends meet, can this possibly be safe?

Even WSB would only put on a 5kg penalty.

There was no penalty last year when Greg was 60 pts clear at this stage of the championship.

This is starting to look like the Anyone But Ducati Championship!

Do the other teams really want to win a championship that has been tampered with so much.

Shakey is out there coz he is a brilliant rider and has consistantly brought the bike home on the podium.

Love to hear other peoples thoughts


didnt realise they had slapped 'em with that much extra weight in one go, seems excessive :w00t:

If they ran with the same capacity as the other bikes I might think this wasn’t fair . . .

Exactamundo - although the tuning regs are tighter for the duke, they do have an advantage because of the way the power is delivered.

AFAIC, if ducati want to compete in a 1000cc superbike championship, then they should make a 1000cc bike that can win.

If that means building a 4 cyl, then so be it.Honda built a twin when the rules were heavily biased against 4 cylinder bikes…

massive difference in budget and resources between the two companies though

10k seems a little excessive. How much of the performance issue is the bike and how much is Shakey? Would they be weighting the bikes if it was only Leon Camier out there?You’re always going to have performance differences if you’ve got 2 and 4 cylinder bikes of differing engine sizes running in the same series. It’s a difficult one for the organisers. You want both types of bike racing on track as that’s what we can buy at the dealers and that’s what the series is based on.It’s certainly going to make the next round interesting!

Dukes have had a solid advantage which is pretty clear.
Take Sykes bike blowing up… that’s how hard all the 4’s are having to push to keep up with them and Byrne is still way out in front.
WSB is similar…

I agree 10 k is a lot, but implementing the rules they all agreed on at the beginning of the season is hardly instigating an “Anyone but Ducati” clause…

sorry but that simply is incorrect toby. the honda and the suzuki are faster through all the speed traps FACT. The reason Sykes bike blew is because honda, suzuki and yamaha forced the rules to state no race parts as they thought this would give ducatti an advantageeven tho ducatti were asking on safety grounds. Ducatti got on with building reliable race bikes that finish races well with standard parts wheras it seems suzuki just cranked up the revs to the point they blew.

NOW suzuki honda etc (not ducatti) are asking for race parts…how the tables turn.

copied from other thread…what i said there…

*shouldn’t have the penalty. no logical reason for it. Shakey has won races from pit lane in the past so to say he caught them up later in the race is irrelevant as he’s done it before on the same bike, lesser bikes and better bikes too. The other guys might have smoked their tyres too soon for example.

The only reason he has a big points lead in the championships is because he’s the guy making it to the finish line. Honda are fastest through all the speed traps with suzuki then ducatti a fair bit behind. If the duc’s are pulling out of the corners better then thats not their fault they have their bikes set up better than the rest.

As usual Honda/Suzuki crying when things don’t go their way. Ducatti said they wanted race parts on safety grounds before the season started. Honda/Suzuki/Yamaha all said no thinkning they were getting one up on the ducatti team. Remind me again who’s engines are $hitting themselves this season???* [w00t]

OR a farce. the ducati was already penalised at the beginning of the series asking for changes to the regs which where not allowed cos the 4’s ranted and raved. Now the 4’s want the regs changed cos there bikes aren’t safe at the revs they want to put out! you cant have your cake any eat it boys! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see Ducati using a 999cc engine, once they do that then they can bleat about this that and the other.


Maybe so, but surely that’s not an excuse to give the smaller manufacturer a competitive advantage ?

Ducati could have built a homologation special just like the japs did back in the day with the 750s - OW01, ZXR750RR, GSXR750R etc… (not that it did the japs any good with the rules stacked against them)

They chose the Vtwin engine configuration - why then bleat when it can’t make the same peak power as a four ?

I understand that that is what they sell, but TBH ducati could take a donkey, fit a wheel at each end , paint it red and put ducati stickers on it (sorry, they already have - the Multistrada ) and it’d sell …:smiley:

More on the Ducati saga from Colin Wright, boss of the Airwaves team…http://www.crash.net/motorsport/bsb/news/163647-0/qa_colin_wright_airwaves_ducati.html

I think 10kgs is excessive, so they got a larger engine so how come NOBODY moaning about Triumph 675s in WSS they not whupping everyone yet, is another cracking season gonna be spoiled by bitchin from jap teams again ? If they can take the fight to Ducati in WSBK why cant they in BSB ? just my tuppence worth of inane ramblings thank you for reading night night :D:):stuck_out_tongue:

The reason WSB is still competitive is cos they’re allowed to use aftermarket engine parts and tune the tits off the bikes.

BSB has new regs this year which means std engine internals are to be used - the regs are similar to the superstock ones…

LOL :smiley:

i am sure i saw some figures somewhere showing that ducati’s sales figures are very much in proportion to race track success… if they couldn’t race their fave motors competitively in WSB\BSB\etc series around the world then they would have to completely change their model line up and that could kill 'em off as a manufacturer

Surely this is what horse race handicappers do before every meeting. If one horse (make) is too far ahead of the field too often, then it gets to carry extra weight.

Agreed, 10 Kg in one jump sounds a lot, but it’s only the difference in weight between a big and small rider.

Have just posted the NW200 statement about all this!

BSB cut it short on there site!:cool: