red ducati


you got hit by a black merc side on on the north bound blackwall tunnel approach. hiw the **** did you not go down!?
that was some quick reactions dude!

EN 53 OHZ was the reg ofthe merc. PM me if you need a witness statement and next time if someone waves you down to stop, it might be to give you a business card for insurance purposes.

anyone on a Ducati forum want to copy and paste there and pass his details to me if there is a response
that mer just swerved and did NOT indicate. typical for the blackwall tunnel.

I’ll pass it onto a Kent Ducati club member I know.

Lucky fellow. I could use the BW tunnel for my commute into work, but avoid it as I do not like the lack of spatial awareness of 99% of the drivers going through there. Hope there is no damage etc…

Something about that reg plate is familiar!! (I have a photographic memory when it comes to numberplates!) Either I’ve seen it recently on my travels or it is someone on here, hope you find them!

Not sure it helps either but the PO prefix is from Preston.

I will post on the Duc forum now.

Thanks James

Tiggi, it was red with a white stripe on it. I think it’s normal colours. Loud pipes on it which is why I saw everything. I was having a little sex dream when I heard that noise :smiley: kept my eyes on it until Merc man hit him then I was fumbling for a business card to give him. We were at a crawl pace by then and I was flapping my are out the window to stop him to give my card and he just blanked me and carried on. I could have touched him, he was so close!


Did plod get called.

That might be why he didn’t stop :Whistling:

no. they exchanged words briefly and the rider took off. probably in shock over it

Shame, as a witness is like a yellow Leprechaun.

Yeah, prolly the same one the rider is insured with! :Whistling:

I thought that maybe he was uninsured too, askmid says the bike is insured but I suppose it doesnt mean the rider was, although I can’t see someone riding a fairly new ducati uninsured.

Or, the owner has more money than sense to care about.

Maybe was Prince William? :smiley:

You would think so, there are a few about even exotic sports cars get driven without as you see in the press.

That is true, I know some people with nice cars and bikes don’t get insured but this one is on the dtatbase, I wouldn’t let my mate ride my bike without insurance and especially not if it was a ducati! :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha same thing with me …I can remember number plates i’ve seen before (if there was a reason to remember)

Or Justin BIEBER !

I could tell you all the number plates on cars I’ve owned my parents have owned and pretty much any car I’ve seen more than once!! Suppose it’s not a bad thing really.