Ducati were near Perfect / 2008

Was just looking in the gallery section and noticed that for 2008 Ducati are the only people to get all their range right, every new machine is amazing even the monsters. then they top it off with good looking kit and trick bits to match.

Even their photos are top quality.

Suzuki in 08: Won the comp for the most ugly sport bikes
Kawk in 08: Came just behind Suzuki in 2nd
Yamaha in 08: Boaring nothing ever changes that much with them and when it does it take 8 years (125 was nice though)
Honda in 08: Came good with the new blade but it did not sit well with everyone

Ducati in 08: pulled the 848, 1098, Hypermoto and the Desmo RR out of the bag just for starters.

Link: http://londonbikers.com/galleries/gallery/e71e5c23-8d96-4c5a-9a09-7864be8fef93

I agree with the Fugly catagories The B-King and the new Busa have the worst back ends ever:w00t:

Suzuki new 600 n 750 fronts look worse than the B Kings back esp when the bikes paint in its black scheme

defo. the 1098/848 is the only really desireable bikes this year. have heard mixed reports about running them (as per usual), but even so, they’re flippin easy on the eye!

According to a Ducati engine builder for the 1098s running in Superstock racing, there’s been no problems with reliability…There was a Ducati recall for cambelt tensioning pulleys, but nothing else.The fit and finish of the new Ducatis are much better than before and they’re even cheaper to service.

Shame they still can’t compete on price with the Japanese, but then they are the Lambos of the bike world (MV are the Ferraris) so it’s what people expect :slight_smile:

Apparently, the 1098 cylinder head looks like one half of a Desmosedici’s V4…Now wadya know :w00t: