Ducati V21L Electric Sportsbike

I’m quite honestly, astonished at this. What a tool. That’s an incredible spec for their first go.

The no-downtime after a session before charging and 80% in 45 mins means you could probably do a whole trackday with in-between session charging times and a full charge at lunch break. Okay, that’s how I’ve just justified it in my head. Now, when are they going to sell them to us norms? :slight_smile:

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Okay, just added myself to any potential waiting list.


Mwoar content:

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Me too please!!!

So what does the v21l stand for?
Obviously not a V twin? Not 21ltr?

Version 21?

And L?

It’s a prototype, so who knows. Yeah, could be the 21st major iteration and L minor iteration?

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I suspect it’ll be comparable, or better in performance to top-end sportsbikes up to a certain speed where the instant torque and lack of gears will provide an advantage, and then the lack of gears and power will limit it on the straights.

If they could fit a lightweight gearbox, maybe two or three gears, it could well be faster than current superbikes down straights too, maybe.

If the V21 is for Version 21, the L must mean it can be ridden on L plates.