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Ducati V2 Test Ride

Test rode this Ducati V2 Panigale today. Loved it - real sweet balance of agility and engine power, ie not too bonkers, you’re really able to use all the performance, so very rewarding. Could properly hustle on it - sure sign it’s a goer.

I’m looking mainly for a track bike. This could be it Sleeping on it… unsure whether to get this ex-demo bike, a new red one or the Troy Bayliss special edition that’s available in May. Decisions, decisions… brap


The fairing looks a bit plain in white…lots of space for race numbers or your own decorations?

I’m not a fan of the white. I always wanted a red Ducati. Call me old-fashioned.

So this one I rode, is available now. it’s ex-demo, 580 miles on the clocks, so just run-in (I hate running bikes in!) for £14k.

A new red one would be available in December for £15,250.

The Troy Bayliss special edition, with full Ohlins suspension and steering damper, is available in May for £18k.

I would like to think we’ll get some trackdays in before the end of the year, but I don’t think so, which makes getting this white one rather pointless.

A new red one in December seems the best move.

The TB special is a bit OTT really.

:japanese_ogre: is it though? :japanese_ogre:

No, of course not! I’m just trying to be good! The £50 per month extra it costs could go towards, err, err, fuck.

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Think of the money you will save by not having to make the modifications

Too impatient to wait until May for the TB special. Just ordered a new, red one. Hopefully here by December. Might ask for it to be broken-in on the dyno! :slight_smile:


Santa came early!

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So lets see.
New iphone13
New duc track bike.
Whiffs Of Mid Life Crisis too me


No one needs a motorbike like this, they are purely emotional purchases. So you may as well get the colour you really want.



When I ordered my Supersport I had the choice between red or white. Having previously owned red Ducatis I felt that itch had been scratched and was tempted by the novelty value of the white.

But I couldn’t do it, it is just a bit too ‘shell suit’ for me.

Just miss the track! Having a midlife crisis though, for sure. But bikes and tech aren’t part of that, they’re standard operating procedure! :crazy_face:

I’m more than happy to pick it up and do the running in for you :slight_smile: Cos I’m a nice guy like that

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Didn’t you not feel like it was a physically small bike. Never rode one but looking at it on the shop floor it looked really small. Definitely more so than similarly powered bikes.

Either way when you start booking your track days next year let me know. I am really keen to get a few days in, its been a while since a group from here went.

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That’s a good point @kcoops, and hard for me to judge now, after having been off sports bikes for, eerr seven years. All recent bikes have been supermoto/enduro/nakeds/adventure bikes with much more comfortable positions.

I found the Aprilia RS600 too cramped for my tastes, like I was hunched over and riding a toy. Odd, as I’m 5’ 10", so hardly big. I’d have changed the clipons/yokes over on those as well to something lower, more racey, so it’d have been even more pronounced a cramp riding position.

From the first time I sat on a static V2 at the British GP, I remember it feeling just right, like I could really get down into it and hustle it. The test-ride proved that. I mean, it’s more cramped than any recent bike for me, but I knew I could get into it on the track.

When I sat on the V4 recently, that felt even weirder; much wider, but still hunched over a bit. The V2 felt more natural to me.

My best memories of sports-bikes are my old 2005 GSX-R 1000 and the 2013 Aprilia RSV4 APRC. The Suzuki was more comfortable, with the Aprilia being more compact, but handled much better at the track. Far less lardy :slight_smile:

I also have a lot of experience on GSX-R 750’s. I always loved those at the track, the smaller size seemed to suit me. I think the V2 is going to give the same vibe.


Loved my GSX-R 750 it was perfect you could confidently use all the power without shitting yourself. Can’t say that on the RR, 10000rpm = :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

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At least the RR has traction control (and ABS) :slight_smile:

Such a shame Suzuki didn’t modernise the 750.