Ducati teasing changes to engine?

Looks like new updates every week through October

Theorem 1 :
4 is lighter than 2


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v4 multistrada

Hrm, now that I would be interested in. I like the look of the Multistradas but their V2 engine is a bit agricultural for my tastes.

Wonder if they will improve reliability?

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“A new paradigm that elevates the sportiness written in our DNA towards fresh horizons of versatility and reliability.”

Is that Ducati admitting previous reliability issues :thinking:

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Not sure what time but Theorom 2 is due to be released today at some point

Sometime tomorrow, maybe. They’re Italian after all.

Theorem #2
The Power is smooth

170 HP of pure sportiness . Powerful, smooth and always ready when needed. For a distinctive character , even more Ducati, at low, medium and high rpm.

A powerful engine, but not superbike territory. Presumably it’s tuned for torque? V4 Multistrada sounds more plausible now!


So a V4 Multistrada is on the way coupled with radar technology but seems weird to announce that prior to this new tease Completing , could it be something else too then?

give this mine a beer! or a test ride

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More info:

Radar-enabled adaptive cruise control and rear-approaching risk detection.

Also nice shot of it off road.

I’m super interested now. By default I would gravitate towards the R1250GS for a touring machine but this is starting to challenge that.

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More electrics and electronics on an Italian bike. Hope they come with a very long warranty.

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eh, what’a could’a go’a wrong’a!

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Lots, or maybe everything?

But Ducati are promising improved reliability :lying_face: :face_with_monocle:

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I hope that it becomes reality, but are they going to back it up with a great warranty? BMW are now doing 3 years, if Ducati do 5 years I very well might be tempted, if not I’ll take a pass.

Three years would do me, I don’t keep a bike longer than that anyhow it seems. They should at least incorporate warranty into the finance term, like a lease.

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Theorem #3
The world is not enough.

The earth’s circumference is 40,075 km across.
Try 60,000 km.

Surely not going to offer a 60km warranty? Aka 5yr/12k per year


If they do I might be interested. And it certainly would help the public image of Ducati being unreliable.