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Ducati Tail Tidy

Anyone ever DIY a tail tidy installation for Ducati Monster?  I am really apprehensive about cutting the sub frame…its a bit…errr…permanent LOL

What other uses does the subframe have?

The subframe is the bit that the seats and fairings mount to. 

I think what you mean is what use does a tail tidy have, and the answer is it keeps crud and rain from the road from getting on your back. 

The tail tidy is the plastic under tray usaly bolted or plastic riveted to the subframe
As the name suggests they make the underside of the tail (subframe) look a lot neater
It usaly involves the omission of the reg plate bracket and a smaller solution
I wouldn’t quite agree with groovy as you usaly end up with more crude flicking up in the rain as you have a lot less to stop it
That’s why it’s a good idea to have a hugger if you plan on riding in the rain

Subframe will also give rigidty to the seating area .
Cutting it would be a big no no in my opinion …
Pictures May help