Ducati Service in SE London?

Hi everyone, this is probably my first topic raised, but I’ve been stalking on others and reading other posts.

I have dropped my Ducati S4R at about 40Mph so it needs some repairs. I took it to Metropolis at Vauxhall, but they have qouted me 4/5 of the bike’s price, so it’s pretty unlikely I will go with them. I have been reading posts on LB, but am still usure who to use. I wanted to go with Rosso Corse in Bethnal Green, but after readin Grrr! thread not sure about them.

any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi There ,

do you need the mechanical work done and supply of parts ? Try Mike at MD Racing : http://www.md-racing.co.uk/

Quite a few of us use him and his work is excellent.

Plus hes over ur way and can collect also.

+1 for Mike at MD Racing for Ducati servicing. I only use Metropolis to buy parts for my Ducati…I’m not a fan of Rosso Corse either.

Thanks a lot guys, I will let you know how it went with Mike.

What’s wrong with Rosso Corse?
Been there for service and exhaust fitting ( I know, I’m really terrible with maintainance and tools… and I’m very ashamed :blush: ) and so far so good…
anybody had a bad experience?

Mike at MD Racing is an excellent technician not only that but a very decent racer on his 848. Not much he doesn’t know about the Italian brand.

You can always bring it to us, do it yourself and save save some money.

Haven’t needed to use OMC yet but hear good reports. Next spring I’ll need them.

My philosophy is always do it yourself. If you can’t or don’t have the tools, somewhere like OMC will not only have/lend you the tools be they are there to guide and help. That will give you confidence and some basic skills and you can build from there.

Well. Unless it’s plastering a wall. Then you need John. He reckons if you can butter bread, you can plaster a wall. Wrong!

Another +1 for Mike
He really loves Ducati’s

+1 for mike too knows his onions … ducatis !

I have. Had an electronic problem with the Multi (before the OMC opened and I now do the majority of my own servicing there), took it to them to get sorted. Had to take it back as it broke down with the same issue the very next day. They did sort it out without charging me extra, which was good as their parts and labour weren’t cheap.

In short, if you want to work on your bike yourself, buy a manual and go to the OMC, they love Ducatis down there as we’re regular customers (have been down there before and been one of five Ducatis on the bench)! If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, if it needs specialist kit, or if you’re in a hurry, I’d happily recommend MD Racing who have solved a good few Ducati problems for me!

I have seen Mike let some of his regular customers rent a bench when he knows a bench is going to be free…I have used one before but that was ages ago when I was keen and thought I should use some of the knowledge gained on my motorcycle maintenance course. I quickly learned that it takes me 4 times as long to do everything (even just taking fairings off), I keep getting cuts and bruises from fighting with tools and I don’t really get enough satisfaction from it to warrant risking death from my dodgy workmanship!

I’m sure you would be classed as a regular customer Stuart if you did want to rent a bench and needed specialist tools…but I reckon Matt makes a better cup of tea than Mike (don’t tell Mike I said that! lol)