Ducati Pete's garage broken into KTM Superduke, CRF450 and KTM 660 Stolen PLEASE READ. CASH REWARD FOR ANY INFO LEADING TO RETURN OF BIKES

The following where stolen from Pete’s garage between 0200 and 0700 this morning. (Grays - Essex)

KTM 990Superduke REG: EU05 VDP - ORANGE

CRF450 SUPERMOTO (Racebike) - red and white number 35 on number boards. Numbers may of already been peeled off so keep an eye out.

There is a cash reward for information leading to recovery.

01375 384881 - Please leave a message.

I will update this post with more information later.

ALSO KTM660SMC - LX03 AYP - orange/black (This has knackered main bearings)

I have posted this on Pete’s behalf as he is currently recovering from an operation which he had yesterday. To me this sounds a bit suspicious almost as though it could be one of his mates that has done this.

Anyway…there are some pics i will try and post them hopefully they work.


Wholly mo fo. That number is a grays / thurrock number…?

I’ll keep my eyes peeled.



Thats ****e, will keep eyes peeled

PS piccies not working for me

Gah that’s crap news for DP.

Wish him well from me.

Ur pics aren’t working as noted - possibly because they are linking to your temp files copy not the live internet version. If you’ve got the pics on your pc use the ‘Add Attachment’ option. If they are on website right click on’em and use the Copy Link Location type option to paste onto the post.

The theiving gits must be out in force in Grays at the mo…as someone tried taking both our hornets in the early hours of sunday morning but cos they are alarmed and groundanchored they tried breaking into the house to get the keys…thank god the dogs went bonkers and woke us up!

Will keep eyes and ears open though

Geez…Sorry to hear that love.

Good call on fitting that kind of protection.

Good call WASP, mine is called my car! lol

Got to admit that it sounds a bit dodgy but lets pray that its not someone he knows.

Wish him well.

I hope Pete doesn’t mind but I’ve posted this up on another forum that’s based in Essex, thought local knowledge might help.

I feel sorry for Pete too…Would have been even worse if the thieves struck when he got that other bike he’s getting. Even I’d be crying then

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! No way!? Argh. Really sorry to hear this Pete, I can’t imagine how you must feel right now on top of recovery from hospital!

I bet the two SM’s weren’t insured

This is just crap, I hate it i hate it I hate it !

A fast recovery for DP and his bikes

Really gutting news, give him my best a will keep my eyes peeled.

I did right click the pics…i think there may be a block on copying the images from the other site. I think Pete may see this and be able to upload the pics from his pc.

I spoke to B on the phone earlier and told him to put the word out for Pete tonight at the LB meet up.

Keep your eyes peeled folks Pete’s a top man and doesn’t deserve this kinda ****…now if i could just win the lottery this weekend i could buy him a superduke R and a new CRF…and some massive dogs and ground anchors to go with them…as well as a shotgun!

Am sure he’ll appreciate it mate.

dam it… i feel sick…


Realy hope you get them back DP…

Nothing worse than having your bikes nicked!
I hate the fact that we all work hard for our hobbys and sports, and some theiving **** can just come along and think they have some right to help themselves !!
It really makes my blood boil.
Hope you are lucky and get them back.
I do alot of green laning and will keep an eye out.

Speedy recovery mate!